I have tried to mount NFS shares on my recently rooted Nexus 5 (Mahdi), and found that the CIFS manager app doesn't work, although it claims that I need a rooted device. I also noticed that XBMC/Kodi used to be able to read data from NFS shares without a problem. It was not creating mounts, I understand, but it didn't have any problems even on stock Android. What's the difference here? What am I not getting?

  • Depending on the feature set of your ROM, you may not have all the required libraries bundled with your ROM. Because XBMC/Kodi has that, it is able to mount those file systems. It all depends on the ROM you are using.
    – GiantTree
    Feb 1 '15 at 13:18
  • 1
    XBMC/Kodi is able to mount NFS shares whilst running on a ROM that lacks these libraries. It surprises me how no other app does that. Do you know of an app that is able to do that? Feb 16 '15 at 15:05

XBMC does not mount NFS shares, you assumed it did, it can read and even write and delete files and folders in a NFS share, so can a lot of file explorers like ES file explorer (my favorite). To mount a NFS share, thats a whole different story, it means it will emulate and mount a NFS like a usb OTG or SD card. Cannot be done in all devices, look in XDA and maybe there is a rom or modules you can load and finally mount a NFS share. Good luck.

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