I downloaded NQVault to my Samsung Galaxy S3 and I moved some videos to the vault. However, I couldn't get back the videos because I forgot my password. After trying many times to find out how to change the password, I became frustrated, so I deleted the app.

My question is, is there anyway for me to get my videos back from the app due to the fact it was deleted?

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Apparently, NQVault does not really encrypt the files, but simply does a byte-by-byte xor operation with a key that is generated from the password. Oh, and it does that only for the first 128 bytes. Since a byte can only take 256 different values, you can simply brute-force the key you need to "decrypt" your file. The author of the linked post has even published the code for a brute force attack. All you need to do is to compile the c code, edit the bash script to recognize whatever mime type your videos are and then run the script.



According to NQ FAQ,

NQ Mobile makes your privacy our top priority. Unfortunately, that means your NQ Mobile Vault password is kept secret, even to us. If you forget your password, we have no way to get it back; however, you can use Vault Online to backup all of your Vault content (including call & SMS history, photos & videos) to a secure private cloud storage, which you can restore back onto your phone or a new phone. You can set up a new Vault password by uninstalling and reinstalling NQ Mobile Vault. Please note, if you reinstall NQ Mobile Vault with a new password you will not be able to access data you stored using your old password.

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