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I have Whatsapp latest version & have the Whatsapp Web Option I put it to scan but it just doesn't scan it. I Installed a QR Scanner app and it works perfectly. I uninstalled the QR Scanner app to see if that was the issue and still doesn't work. My phone is a Sony Xperia E1 Dual... anyone help me...

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You don't need to install third party QR scanner, rather than you have to use the QR scanner present inside the whatsapp it can be found under whatsapp>Menu>WebWhatsApp, use it to scan the QR Code and your problem will be fixed.


After selecting the WhatsApp Web option, does a visual guide pop up? There should be an ”OK, got it” button to clear it, but apparently on devices with smaller displays there’s a bug which caused the button to not appear. If that’s the case, wait for an update (version 2.11.505). I just got mine, and it works now.

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