I'm developing an Android app.

The so-called app is being developed inside a Windows 7 Pro X64 VirtualBox machine which has a bridged connection with the host machine (a Windows 8.1 Pro X64).

In the other hand, I've installed Genymotion Android emulator.

When I run the following commands, everything works fine until I want to perform a adb install:

adb tcpip 5555
adb connect

If I perform a adb install X.apk (where X is the name of the whole package), the command never ends.

Also, I've completely disabled Windows Firewall in both host and guest machine.

Finally, if I perform a adb devices command, it says the device is connected:

List of devices attached        device

I can't figure out what's going on...

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After 3-4 days of trial-error I've found what's the source of the issue...

It has something to do with virtualized ethernet adapter hardware. When I switched to Virt IO and I installed the driver in my Windows 7 guest machine, ADB has started to work as expected!

Conclusion: if you want to debug Android apps from a Windows guest to an emulator or device, configure you VirtualBox machine to use VirtIO (paravirtualized) network and you'll be fine!

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