Once my Nexus One's remaining power drops to 15%, it automatically powers off. On turning it back on again, it reports that it's now on 0% power.

Do all Nexus Ones behave like this, or is it just mine?

Possibly relevant apps I have installed are:

  • BatteryTime Lite. This gives a percentage power in the notification bar. I thought it might be mis-reporting, but the value it reports always seems to match what the phone reports in Settings > About Phone > Battery Use
  • JuiceDefender. This turns the data connection on and off to try to preserve battery.

I can't see settings in either of these that would turn the phone off at 15% power.

I'm currently on Android 2.3.4, but I think this happened on earlier versions too.

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Probably your battery does not hold as much charge as it used to, and so your phone's estimate of 15% is incorrect; the battery is actually almost dead. To get a more accurate reading, try the following:


A recalibration is mostly needed, when dealing with different kernels (ROOT!). Most custom recovery images provide the option "battery stats wipe" under the menue "Wipe".

Here is how ya do it!

  1. Enter Recovery Mode
  2. do a full nandroid (or nandroid+ext) backup
  3. Enter "Wipe"-Menue
  4. do "Battery stats wipe"
  5. reboot
  6. Calibrate the battery by completely draining it until the phone completely shuts itself off.
  7. Turn the phone on again and let it shut itself off one more time.
  8. Then charge your phone while it is off for over 8 hours.
  9. This will fully charge the battery so that when the Android is turned on, it now sees the battery as full.

Do all Nexus Ones behave like this, or is it just mine?

Mine does not do that, I cannot speak for any others though.

If I had to guess it sounds like for some reason the OS is tracking the battery health incorrectly so when it reports 15% the battery is actually all the way dead. When you try to turn it back on it fixes the reporting and (correctly) reports it as 0% and then probably turns back off a short time thereafter if it isn't plugged in. I think it is probably unrelated to the 3rd party battery monitor app that you use. Are you running the stock OS or did you flash a ROM onto it? If you are running stock the only suggestion I have is factory reset and hope that it is fixed after that. If you are running a 3rd party ROM it is likely a bug in the ROM that is affecting your device.

Edit: I would try @Matthew's suggestion before you resort to factory reset. That seems like it could be what is happening to your device.

  • Certainly not all but it happens from time to time, on any kind of Android phone. See e.g. this or this or this discussion. (My Nexus 4 also started doing it recently.)
    – Tgr
    Sep 11, 2015 at 8:11

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