My device is Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 and I did a complete factory reset. Device is NOT rooted yet. It works properly. I can do all of following with my device:

  • Power off using device keys.
  • Start in recovery mode and download mode using device keys.
  • device is detected properly in normal mode and recovery mode by adb when is connected to PC through USB cable
  • I am able to reboot device using adb reboot command
  • adb reboot recovery works well.

The problem is that if I run adb reboot bootloader or adb reboot-bootloader commands, device is booted in normal mode, NOT in download mode. The only way to reboot the device in download mode is to use Power + Volume Down + Home keys


From my experience with Samsung devices this is not a bug but rather a feature. The "download" AKA "ODIN" mode on Samsung devices is a proprietary alternative to bootloader/fastboot mode and I don't remember being able to boot to this mode in other than the hardware way.

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