How do i copy all mt contacts and messages from my old android to a new android phone. downloaded wondershare but trail version only transfers 1st 5 numbers. linking the phone to my pc only the sd card details are shown. Contacts and messages may be in the phone memory which i cant access. How do i go about it. Please Help


When you add a new contact, your phone asks you where to store it (Phone, SIM, Google account). You can store your contacts in your Google account so when you sign in on another device, it will import your contacts.

For backing up SMS messages you can use SMS BackUp+ or a similar app.

For more detailed explanation you can refer to HowToGeek's article on SMS backup.

  • Not all phones "ask where to store" the contact. – Ryan Conrad Feb 11 '15 at 2:47

Go to phone dialer menu-> import/export-> export to storage. After this is done you can find a file with vcf extension on sd card. In new.phone just import file.and select that file.from stored location and thats it.


Sign into google account enter gmail account on new phone and all your contacts will appear. Or just import contacts from SD card on phone dialer menu

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