Few days ago I was asked to install Mailbox from Dropbox, Inc.. I went to Google Play and clicked on the Install button to request remote installation on my machine. Yesterday, I have realised, that this apps wasn't actually installed. So I went again using PC and saw, that it is installed:

enter image description here

Since I couldn't find it on my phone, I opened Google Play directly from the device and to my surprise, it turned out, that this application actually isn't installed:

enter image description here

Is it often to reach such miss-align between mobile and desktop version of Google Play? What can cause this strange situation?

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    Sometimes I encounter this case. I can press the "Install" button again from browser, then the app will be really installed after the second time pressing it. As for the cause, I still don't have any idea. – Andrew T. Feb 2 '15 at 10:29

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