I recently broke my screen entirely so the touch function and LCD do not work at all on my Samsung Galaxy S4. I managed to plug in a keyboard to my phone to input my pass-code in order to unlock the phone so I could access the files on the computer. However, I do have some files on my phone that are hidden (with the . file prefix I used to hide them in a separate file manager app). I can not figure out how to access these files. I am willing to download any program necessary to get these off my phone!

Again I can not use my phone at all as the screen is broken. Possibly if I can remotely control the phone via my computer? Any help is appreciated. If absolutely necessary I will have to replace the digitizer and LCD.


As you're able to access your device (i.e. apply input to it), the easiest option would be activating and then use . There are even good graphical remote-tools when it comes to ADB (if the device is rooted, and your computer is running Windows, I strongly recommend taking a look at Droid Explorer; its dev is an active member here at this site), but you can as well deal with the command line (ls -a would include hidden folders and files in a listing of the directory you're in).

For additional hints, please take a look at our tag-wikis for broken-screen and adb, plus at my list of ADB tools – the latter including pointers to several "ADB file-managers" which might prove helpful in your case.


Okay, so I can't comment to ask what PC OS you're using, so I guess I'll assume it's Win7. So open an instance of Windows Explorer. Then, select "Folder and search options". Select the tab marked " View".

On the "Hidden files and folders", select the radio button " show hidden files,folders,and drives". Also, your phone isn't on charge only, is it? If it is, I'm afraid I can't be much of assistance there..

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