It started happenning after repair. Could it be a software setting that was changed in repairshop or is it a hardware issue? All they did was replace mini-USB port.


In recent versions of CM, check the Settings->Developer options->Stay Awake (Screen will never sleep while charging) option.

  • My question is not about screen turning on, but about the whole device turning on. Nevertheless, this setting was set to ` off`, even the Developer options section was not turned on (it is turned off by default, to turn it on you have to tap "Build number" seven times). – andrybak Feb 4 '15 at 9:09

As it turns out the issue was in the non-original charger. I don't have original charger from Ace 2, but original charger from Galaxy S3 works perfectly fine, as well as charging from a PC via USB.

  • Okay, glad you figured it out. For anyone who might come across this and the above solution doesn't solve the issue, another place to look in the settings is Settings->Display->Wake on plug ("turn the screen on when connecting or disconnecting a power source") – fattire Feb 5 '15 at 1:46

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