I need to force a selected application to start up each time my Android-based device is (re)started.

Is there anything I can use (configuration setting, external application etc.) to accomplish this task? Or is this kind of behavior limited to home screen managers only?


I'm not sure about the configuration setting, but I believe this is not only limited to home screen managers since you can achieve this by using 3rd-party apps.

Some related keywords:

Otherwise, you can use apps like Tasker:

  1. Create a Profile: Event - System - Device Boot
  2. Create a Task with Action: App - Launch App - (Select the app)
  3. Link the Profile to the Task
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    "AutoStart - No Root" is by far easier to use, compared to "Startup Manager", for the singular purpose of setting apps to autostart on boot. "Startup Manager" is "prevent app start" centric. – kdsdata Jun 12 '17 at 22:36

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