The auto-rotate option is getting enabled by itself once I get back to home screen from settings menu even after disabling it.
How to disable the auto-rotate option other than in accessibility?

  • Did you try with the quick settings panel ? – egoz Feb 10 '15 at 15:18

Use in that case.

  1. Create an application based profile and choose your launcher app in it.
  2. Create a task followed by the action Display → Display AutoRotate → and Set → Off.

Now whenever you would come back to home screen or app drawer auto-rotation would turn off automatically.

If the approach noted above doesn't work, then either:

  • there is a specific setting overriding auto-rotate which you may need to search. I bet it doesn't exist.
  • your "Settings Storage" app's data has gotten corrupted. In that case do factory reset.
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