I would like to send a text message to an e-mail address using Messaging on Samsung S4. I have already done it before as a test, but I cannot get it to do it any longer.

How to enable this feature again?

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    SMS messages can't be sent to email addresses, they are automatically converted to MMS messages. Have you checked your MMS settings?
    – onik
    Feb 11 '15 at 6:18

You have to enable MMS, (it's usually already enabled), and when you have done so, you can turn 4G on. Once that is done, and 4G/LTE, 3G is on, then you can type an email to send to.. type your message, and voila.


How To Send a Text to an Email Address


I hope this helps you. It is a test that will help you determine if you can send SMS to email. Open your regular text messaging app and type a text like you normally would, but in the 'To', field enter your email address. Send one to yourself first to see if it works.

There is also a carrier specific ones can use. For example My phone is a Boost phone:

  1. SMS 12345678912@sms.myboostmobile.com
  2. MMS 12345678912@myboostmobile.com


Here's a more general answer for someone who's looking to do this from any carrier. There are apps that can do such a thing. If you're looking to just send future texts straight to email, there are apps like SMS to Phone/Mail. For those who want to backup any SMS/MMS from the past and either print, convert to PDF, or email you can use an app like SMS Backup Print & Restore. The second one here has a pro version as well.

Alternatively, you can automate this process through apps like Automate or Tasker. Those are definitely for more advanced users though.

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