Firstly the reason why I've opened this thread is because previously over a year ago I wrongly flashed a s2 and I became a little scared of flashing phones. I got a samsung note 3 whose current os is Android 4.3 and since it was already rooted when I bought it (Unlocked French Phone) I can't get OTA updates. so I wanna flash it so that I can get OTA updates.

the existing baseband version is: N9005XXUBMI5 What I have downloaded is N9005ZHUENJ1 to upgrade from older version I'm scared, would this work if I use this N9005ZHUENJ1 to update it over odin? do I have to repartition? and finally how do I have to do it for double checking

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No problem to use odin and flash stock firmware, newest you can vind on www.sammobile.com

On XDA I found you a thread to make sure you can succesfully use odin. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2704363

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