I'm trying to get proxydroid or redsocks to run on genymotion android emulator (x86). Adb shell into the device, run redsocks and I get "not executable: magic 7F45". I know it means that the version doesnt comply with the cpu. however, on Genymotion I'm able to run a bunch of Arm packages, with no problem (having installed the genymotion arm translation files).

I have compiled redsocks sources on my ubuntu box (binary works fine on my ubuntu x86), but when I copied the binary to the emulator- it still gives the same error message when I try to run it (not executable: magic 7F45). So it looks like neither the arm nor the x86 versions are working on the emulator

My question: is there a way to get redsocks run on genymotion?

UPDATE: I have taken the redsocks binary that I compiled on my ubuntu x86 box, and pushed it to x86 avd (standard sdk) - it worked perfect. So it appears that the "not executable: magic 7F45" error is not related to cross-cpu compilation. Anyone know other reason to getting this error message?

  • I have the same problem with you, But I don't know why... Can you share me the redsocks file ? thx a lot ~ – user168807 Jun 3 '16 at 10:18

What file(1) utility says about your compiled binary?

Because compiling on x86-based PC does not promises your binary always will have x86 target platform - GCC can produce virtually any targets.

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You can't freely copy binaries from your Ubuntu box to emulator one - even if all are x86-based, they use different basic OS libraries.

To compile binary for Android-x86 target you must use special cross-compiling tools\environment. See Android sources toolchain to take a look on how they configure gcc+ld switches to create android-x86 binaries on Ubuntu box.

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