One of the frustrating things about HTC is that I cannot manage my files which have been downloaded. On the marketplace, there are some apps which allow you to do this such as:

  • Astro File manager
  • eFile
  • Root Explorer

If I install a file explorer app, will that void my warranty with HTC or Android?

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No, you won't invalidate your warranty.* Keep in mind that Root Explorer requires root, though, and rooting will invalidate your warranty. I personally love Root Explorer, so I recommend the non-root version: Explorer.

* I haven't read your warranty, but I've never heard of a condition that bizarre. This is not legal advice; I am not a lawyer.


No, using a file manager will not invalidate your warranty. Rooting often will though. On my phone, I personally use Astro File Manager.

If you want a solution to manage all your files from the desktop, our company produces a solution called SnapPea. It's an easy way to manage contacts, apps, music, and videos from your Windows desktop.

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