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Why do phones have default limited user rights (not rooted)? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: I've rooted my phone. Now what? What do I gain from rooting? What does “to root a phone” mean? I just spent half a day finding a rooting guide for Nexus S ...
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what changes are done, while rooting an android phone? [duplicate]

I've rooted my phone running 4.2.2 jb through computer (I tried all mobile rooting apps but nothing worked for me) I want to know what's the difference rooting program did?has it switched me to root ...
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Should I root my phone? [duplicate]

Clearly I am being thrilled with this question boggling in my mind. "Should I root my phone?" What are the pros and cons? Clarify this thing to me, is it dangerous or is it better than I imagine?
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What exactly happens after rooting a smartphone? [duplicate]

I want to root a tiny cheap smartphone that my 6-year-old grandson uses. He's a real techie, but he's always changing his password and then forgets to tell me so that I can store it in LastPass. So I ...
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How do I root my Android device?

This is a common question asked by those who want to root their phones. How exactly do I root my Android device? Are there risks involved?
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What is the difference between: Rooting, Jailbreaking, ROM, Mod, etc.?

What is the difference between: Unlocking the bootloader (prerequisite for doing many, though not all, other things below) Rooting Jailbreaking ROM NAND and Nandroid Operating System Mod (e.g. ...
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What does "to root a phone" mean?

I heard this phrase or the variants (rooted phone, rooting, etc.) in android forums but I don't know what it means. Can you explain it in simple terms?
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Uninstall apps locked by phone vendor

I'm using a Samsung I9000 and I have some annoying apps that came pre installed by the phone vendor, like a music store, a custom web browser and other memory leaking apps. Those crappy apps can't be ...'s user avatar
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How can I tell if I have root?

I've been attempting to root my phone (Samsung Intercept M910, but that probably doesn't matter). How can I tell that I have actually, successfully gained root? I've run a few apps which require root,...
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How to restart an Android device?

Is there a way to restart an Android device? Now I have to shut it down and manually turn it on again, but I'm looking for a solution where the whole process happens automatically. This might be ...
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How exactly does "root" work? Do all applications run as root on my phone after rooting?

I've been reading about rooting the phone, but I have some concept doubts: when you buy an Android phone from a carrier, you don't have "root" access. When you start your phone, does that mean a "user"...
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How can I execute command in the terminal as root?

How can I get root permissions in a terminal?
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What are the Pros and Cons to running CyanogenMod?

Can anyone that's used it list the relevant benefits and drawbacks? I'm actually more interested in the drawbacks and limitations because its not hard to find praise for it. Edit: Ooops, I forgot to ...
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How to root OnePlus One?

I want to root my shiny OnePlus One device aka flagship killer. There is no dearth of guides available on Internet and accessible easily via Google, but I'm not sure which one to follow as I don't ...
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I have Unknown Sources enabled on my phone, now what?

Along the same lines as this question. What's so special about enabling Unknown Sources, and what are some things that I should do once it's enabled?
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