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Is it better to detach a charger when my Android device gets fully charged? [duplicate]

When using my Android device at my desk, is it better to (from a battery health point of view) detach a charger as soon as the device gets fully charged, or is it ok to keep it on the charger? I like ...
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Can overcharging destroy Xperia J or Android phone? [duplicate]

My phone needs to charge for about only 2 and half hour, but I forgot so I charged my phone for about 3 and half hour. Then I noticed that my battery is easy to drain. When my phone is in 14% or below,...
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Is it OK to leave my Samsung Galaxy Ace charging all the time? [duplicate]

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Is it dangerous to keep my phone plugged in indefinitely? [duplicate]

I just recently got a new phone, so my old one has been sitting in a drawer for the last month. However, a friend recently suggested the Sleep Cycle alarm to me, and I'd like to try it out, but I'm ...
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Tablets always turned on (usb-powered). Problems? [duplicate]

I need to install about 20 tablets powered 24/7 (24 hours, all week). Is there any problem or potencial damage about it?
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What is best practice for charging galaxy tablet? Will charging for long periods 24/ 7 damage it? [duplicate]

Will leaving my galaxy pro tablet plugged in 24/ 7 cause any damage?
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Can over charging damage battery? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Does constant charging harm my Android cellphone? Indeed, this is a duplicate of: Does constant charging harm my Android cellphone? Just for the record -- let's say I leave ...
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Does testing in android device will reduce it's life? [duplicate]

I am an android developer. Using my moto g first gen for testing my applications. I connect the device to laptop for 12 hrs per day. Now i am planning to buy s4. Will it reduce my device's life?
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Is it safe to keep Android charging through USB all day? [duplicate]

When I'm in front of the computer, I always keep my Android phone plugged into a USB cable so it's always at a 100% charge and I can type text messages from the convenience of my PC keyboard. Still, ...
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Will debugging damage my battery? [duplicate]

I work as a Android developer and I use my own phone for debugging as well as some other devices. Keeping the phone connected with USB will automatically charge my phone but will my battery be damaged ...
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Do I have to charge my phone before I use it the first time?

When I got my last phone, a Sony Ericsson k850i, I was recommended to charge it fully once before I even turned it on. Does this apply today as well, for my coming HTC Desire HD? Why was I recommended ...
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How to drain the battery quickly?

The scenario I would want to have this is if I want to quickly drain the battery so I can charge it fully again. Some say that this will help extend the battery life by fully draining/charging the ...
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When should I start charging my Lithium battery?

The comments in this question say that I shouldn't wait until low battery charge level before I charge, because that reduces battery life (this is contrary to my understanding before that the faster ...
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How can I avoid the battery charging when connected via USB?

I'm using my Samsung Galaxy S2 for development so I regularly plug it while it's not fully charged, and my phone starts charging over USB. I think this (charging while in use) can affect battery life (...
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