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Symbolic link to Dropbox [duplicate]

So I had this crazy idea: I could play GBA games on my computer AND phone, using Dropbox to sync the save files, and a symbolic link to get the emulator app on my phone to find the save file. However, ...
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Is there an app or method that will let me use a cloud-synced folder on the SD card? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Complete dropbox implementation for Android In my case I have a bunch of roms and save files I want to keep in sync across devices, the desktop dropbox app lets me store these ...
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How to sync folders via cloud in a Dropbox-like way [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Complete Dropbox implementation for Android How can I sync as much as possible of the folder-structure of my phone to the cloud, and from there to the desktop in a DropBox-...
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How do I sync with DropBox?

I want to sync DropBox with Android, so I can use the files on Android. So I installed DropBox on Android, but it won't download any files! (or at least I don't see them under sdcard/Android/com....
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Can I download whole folders in Dropbox app?

Is it possible to sync whole folders in Dropbox app? I currently download file by file a slow process
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Why does viewing an .htm file in Android dropbox folder show broken images?

I have an .htm file in a dropbox folder with the following content: <p>this is a <b>test</b> of html</p> <img src="test.png"/> When I view it on my PC, it shows the ...
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Application for automatic synchronization of remote folders?

Possible Duplicate: Complete dropbox implementation for Android I'm looking for an application that will synchronize folder automatically from my computer to Android device. Application should ...
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Sync music folders between phone and tablet

I want to use a DJ returnable app on both devices, send want a fast way (WiFi) to keep the music folders sync'd. I always buy from my phone so just need to transfer existing music and new downloads ...
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How can I keep a folder backed up online with continuous syncing?

I've found that the dropbox support for Titanium Backup never works for me amd I've also tried using ubuntuone and idrivesync but neither of these support setting a directory to keep in sync. Does ...
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How to keep files downloaded via Dropbox after uninstalling app [closed]

I want to know whether there is any app on the Google Play Store which stores all dropbox files to memory card whenever there is net available Leaves the files in my memory card even after I ...
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