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Broken screen while debug mode was disabled. How can I re-enable adb?

The screen of my phone is physically broken, so it doesn't display anything, but the touch aspect does seem to be working, as I can unlock my phone, and get haptic feedback. Before I go to get it ...
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How to backup broken screen phone when USB debugging IS NOT enabled?

I dropped my Samsung S3. Now I cannot see anything, just a white screen with purple, black, and green lines. Before it blanked out, it wasn't recognizing my finger touch. Any idea on how or what to ...
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Allow "unknown sources" from Terminal without going to Settings App?

I have a corrupted Settings app in CyanogenMod and have a possible idea to restore a backup of it (App and Data) in Titanium Backup. But it's currently set to not allow "unknown sources" so Titanium ...
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Is there a way to enable USB debugging from fastboot?

I have a Nvidia Shield Tablet that froze on me. After powering down it hangs on the nvidia boot up screen when I try to boot it up. Nvidia support says it is a 'soft-brick', as I can't get into ...
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How to enable USB Debugging from recovery mode?

My phone screen broke. I can't see anything, and the touch screen doesn't work. I can't buy a new phone, so I'm not looking into backing up my data, I want to be able to use it from my pc. I have a ...
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Enabling USB debugging from open file system access using custom recovery

Of course this should be possible, but finding the correct files to modify is the real question. Assuming we can boot into a custom recovery and have full access to the file system, has anyone ...
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What media formats are supported in Android?

I am new to Android, and I'm learning. For example, most of my old music files were FLV and SWF files, which my phone and tablet won't play, and I can't seem to get extensions for Chrome to play them. ...
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Clear popup/push notification of an app without getting it removed from Notification drawer

I'm currently using an LG G3 with Lollipop 5.0.1. The problem I'm having is that when I'm using an app (or just doing something general on my phone) and I receive a text or similar notification a pop-...
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How can i activate, if it's possible, usb debug mode from fastboot in a 3rd gen moto g?

It is basically dad, it's possible from fastboot mode to activate de usb debug mode, and if it is, how can i?
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Export list of Downloads (no root)

I was using Firefox and for some reason it deleted all downloads from the SD card. I found an in-built app "Downloads" which has a list of all files downloaded to date, listing both Chrome and ...
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Enable USB Debugging Android Dead Screen

I obtained a Nexus 6 with a dead screen. I am trying to cast the screen to my computer. In order to do so, I believe I need to have USB Debugging enabled (which is presumably off). I managed to boot ...
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How to enable USB debugging with broken touchscreen?

I have an Infinix Zero phone whose touch screen is broken. The screen calibration got affected, so the touch screen is not responding. I tried pushing a calibration APK to the phone from my system, ...
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LG G3 Resolution messed up - how to stop processes on startup?

I'm running CM 12.1 on an LG G3 (VS985) with TWRP recovery. I used an app called UI Tuner to change my resolution, thinking that it would revert back to normal after 15 seconds.. well it didn't. It ...
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If I flash stock and unroot via Nexus Root Toolkit... will this turn off usb debugging?

My screen does not work after replacing the digitizer (it's just white...) Before I go buying more parts, I'd like to eliminate software issues (apparently this can be caused by the device not ...
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Adb refuses to see my phone, lsusb has no problems

After installing android-tools-adb and android-tools-fastboot from a ppa and adding: SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="18d1", MODE="0666", GROUP="plugdev", ...
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