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I've rooted my phone. Now what? What do I gain from rooting?

This is a common question by those who have just rooted their phones. What apps, ROMs, benefits, etc. do I get from rooting? What should I be doing now?
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What is the difference between: Rooting, Jailbreaking, ROM, Mod, etc.?

What is the difference between: Unlocking the bootloader (prerequisite for doing many, though not all, other things below) Rooting Jailbreaking ROM NAND and Nandroid Operating System Mod (e.g. ...
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What does "to root a phone" mean?

I heard this phrase or the variants (rooted phone, rooting, etc.) in android forums but I don't know what it means. Can you explain it in simple terms?
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Are there any risks to rooting a device?

I see lots of tutorials telling me how to root my phone (Motorola Droid), but none of them mention any potential "side effects." Aside from a few relatively minor issues that seem to require rooting ...
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Uninstall apps locked by phone vendor

I'm using a Samsung I9000 and I have some annoying apps that came pre installed by the phone vendor, like a music store, a custom web browser and other memory leaking apps. Those crappy apps can't be ...'s user avatar
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How do I update Android on my device?

This Community Wiki question is designed to be the "canonical question" for questions asking how to upgrade one's device to a new Android version. I want to get a newer version of the OS for my ...
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How can I install the Google Apps Package (Play Store, ...) on my Android device?

I have recently installed a custom ROM and cannot find the Play Store. It seems like all apps that belong to Google are missing. How can I install the Google Apps Package (Play Store, ...) on my ...
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How exactly does "root" work? Do all applications run as root on my phone after rooting?

I've been reading about rooting the phone, but I have some concept doubts: when you buy an Android phone from a carrier, you don't have "root" access. When you start your phone, does that mean a "user"...
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How to make an Android device to display complex rendering of Indic characters?

Please excuse the length of this question. I need to explain all this to help others and to avoid helpful contributors to provide answer without asking clarifications. My requirement in one line: "to ...
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Is this red star icon malware? How to get rid of it?

Every now and then a red star icon appears on my brother's notification bar, as shown below. The message related to this notification is some advert like "Turbo Boost Your Battery". He has been ...
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adb shell -> su: not found

How can I overcome this problem? Devices: Samsung Galaxy TabS - Android 4.4.2 HTC M8 - Android 5.0.1 The two devices have the same problem.
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How do I root the Android emulator?

How do I root the Android emulator? I need root to install an .apk file on the emulator.
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My internal storage capacity is running low, what can I do?

Currently, my internal storage is running low on space. What can I do besides moving applications to the external memory, as to free up more space, but preserve my current applications and avoid ...
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What is the meaning of "flashing a custom ROM"? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is the difference between: Rooting, Jailbreak, ROM, Mod, etc.? What is a custom ROM, and what does "flashing a custom ROM" mean?
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What to do before root and flash my phone?

Right now I have in my phone the stock rom and I haven't rooted it. I want to root it and change the rom. What should I do first, root or flash the rom? I don't want to lose all the configuration, ...
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