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What is the best pre-stealing practice? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is there a way to block access to or wipe my Google data for a lost/stolen phone I would like to know what is the best/recommended practice to prepare myself to the day when ...
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Password Protect for Andorid mobile [duplicate]

I lost my android mobile, but I haven't logged out of gmail account, since using the device, I must log on. So if someone take it, he/she may access my gmail account. What should I do now?
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Ive lost my phone how do i install an app on that stolen phone from my pc or laptop [duplicate]

Im working in the DRC an sombody stole my Samsung Gallaxy S4 from my car I want to block the phone so he cant use it any more
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Open source app for remote wiping Android phone?

I recently lost my android phone, and regretted not having a remote wipe app installed. However, I do not trust 3rd party compiled apps with such power (too many weak links). Does anyone know of an ...
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How to protect my Google Account?

I am very concerned with security of my Google account in case I lose the phone (as in: lose it, have it stolen/robbed, etc.). Right now it seems that whoever grabs my phone will also have full access ...
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"Find my iPhone" for Android

There are a lot of "Find my phone" type apps out there for Android and I am finding it difficult to find one that has the features I want without being too bloated. My wife and I are primarily looking ...
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My android phone was stolen. How worried should I be with all my google data inside the phone?

Ok, so my samsung galaxy 5 was stolen. I had gmail, calendar, twitter(tweetdeck), facebook, ... all my personal data in it. I didn't have any app installed that could wipe this information from a ...
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Stolen phone: is changing your GMail password enough?

My Galaxy phone got stolen today. Of course I blocked my SIM card and changed my password for GMail (and went to the police) but is this enough? Could the person that stole my phone still log in to ...
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Can't add Samsungdive Account

My Mobile device is "Galaxy s5570-mini", I want to secure it if it's lost -God forbidden- so I signed up in with my Gmail account then I have to add "Setting>Accounts and Sync>Add ...
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How To Track My Stolen Phone Without Usin Wifi [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: My phone was just stolen an hour or so ago. Are there any options for tracking? My Phone Is Stolen I Need To Know How To Use It
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Is it possible to use Prey on a non-phone device?

This answer to a question asked earlier today reminded me that I had been wanting to check out Prey because I had heard some good things about it. I ended up installing it and creating an account, but ...
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