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How can I find and remove the source of "full screen" ads when I can't locate it in any of my apps?

There is a site/app that takes up my whole screen (LG V30 Pie) several times a day. The top part, in the blue area, is always the same. The rest can be scrolled. None of my apps allow "draw over&...
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Gray link pop-up on my Android device screen

Why my Android device keep gray link on the screen? When it's get rotated it will show bunch of gray link, I don't know how to make it's disappear. I just use mouse and keyboard on my Android and the ...
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"This site can't ask for your permission" Chrome error on LG Velvet?

I get this error whenever selecting any choice for permissions prompts in Chrome Dev. No results on Google, XDA, or here; Google has a similar but irrelevant hit for Hwaiwei devices (something to do ...
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How to disable amazon **pop up** notification

I am using the new Moto One fusion plus. The notification only appears as a pop up and doesn't not appear in the notification bar. I have been annoyed by the notification and have even uninstalled the ...
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Annoying overlay add [duplicate]

This specific add keeps popping up as overlay at random. It's always the same Facebook Maket thing. I'd appreciate any hint on how to get rid of it.
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What is this Overlay Application and How can I get rid of it?

Recently this "app" has shown up on my phone. Tapping it gives me access to things like the home and back button, as well as screen lock. I can't figure out what app or setting has caused this to ...
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Weird Octopus icon, Joy Launcher on Alcatel

this weird thing happened today, an octopus icon appeared on screen. Alcatel. It's annoying. Linked to Joy Launcher, which can't be disabled. Any idea how I can turn it off? Not the same as other ...
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Permissions conflict with screen overlays [duplicate]

I installed Marshmallow on my Galaxy Note 4 like 2 months ago. Everything was nice and peaceful, and I was happy to be able to select custom permissions per app. A few days ago, out of the blue, I ...
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Screen dims except navigation bar

On my Yoga tab (B8080-F) with Android 4.4.2 all of a sudden screen got dimmed except for the navigation menu, where it remains bright as set in the display settings. If I change brightness manually, ...
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“Screen overlay detected” dialog? Turned off everything, doesn't work

I started receiving the “Screen overlay detected” dialog when trying to change apps settings. Tried to turn off all "draw over other apps" as it says here - "Screen overlay detected" dialog?...
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Screen overlay detected app permisions

I am really stressed out with my GSamsung S7, Every app i have, I cant give permission to access my phone, it keeps saying to change this permission setting, you have to turn off screen overlay from ...
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Screen Overlay Permissions [duplicate]

So I downloaded Skype recently and ever since, all my apps have the prompt popping up asking for permission to use things such as gallery and camera. But when I press allow, it makes me go into an ...
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Android suddenly pops up ad

Suddenly my Android always pops up this ad that always in that position, even sometimes a video ad, when I wake my phone from sleep. Anyone has idea? When I open the recent used app, it displays the ...
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How to turn off the "Screen Overlay" setting?

I'm using the Oneplus 2 and last week I updated my phone's software and ever since then I'm not able to do much on my phone. I'm not able to download photos on WhatsApp and neither am I able to send ...
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How do I remove this odd field sometimes appearing when typing?

I have recently started seeing an extra field middle left on the screen on my Android 5.1 Moto G 1st generation: I cannot tap it. It also appears in other apps, for instance Hangouts. I first thought ...
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