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Why can't I press the Install button when installing applications from unknown sources?

I'm trying to sideload an application, as seen in the picture below. I have allowed the installation of applications from unknown applied actions in settings, but I can't seem to press the install ...
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View app's full package name?

I am using Android 4.0.3 and I can no longer find package name for some app. If I recall, I used to go to Applications and has been able to see it there. So, how can I see full package name of some ...
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What is this lock screen with ads and how do I remove it?

I think my device got a malware. A lock screen with ads sometimes appear, and I must swipe an area at the bottom of the screen to open the phone. I am in Eastern Europe, some ads are in Slavic ...
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"Screen overlay detected" dialog?

I have a Nexus 5 phone and ever since I allowed a system update, it won't let me post pictures to Instagram. It keeps talking about turning off a "screen overlay", but then when I try to follow the ...
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How do I install missing command line tools onto an Android device?

Android installations do not always have all the tools one would expect to have on a Unix-like system. For example, right now I have a problematic device which doesn't have find CLI utility. I mean, ...
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How can I find which apps/packages reference a given permission using command line?

Given some permission how can I use adb/root shell to find all the installed packages that define/depend on it? The permissions are defined in the manifest ...
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"This site can't ask for your permission" Chrome error on LG Velvet?

I get this error whenever selecting any choice for permissions prompts in Chrome Dev. No results on Google, XDA, or here; Google has a similar but irrelevant hit for Hwaiwei devices (something to do ...
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“Screen overlay detected” dialog? Turned off everything, doesn't work

I started receiving the “Screen overlay detected” dialog when trying to change apps settings. Tried to turn off all "draw over other apps" as it says here - "Screen overlay detected" dialog?...
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How to turn off the "Screen Overlay" setting?

I'm using the Oneplus 2 and last week I updated my phone's software and ever since then I'm not able to do much on my phone. I'm not able to download photos on WhatsApp and neither am I able to send ...
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Cause and solution of "Error: Unknown operation string: <OP>"

First of all, the following command works perfectly fine on Android 5.1.1 (CM, PA and Tesla ROM builds): adb shell su -c 'appops set android SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW deny' The said command blocks Android ...
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Cannot select "Start now" on a dialog when using app to do screen capture on Marshmallow

I just upgraded my new Moto G3 to Marshmallow and noticed that both of my screen capture apps (AZ Screen Recorder and Lollipop Screen Recorder) no longer worked. I kept getting stuck at one dialog ...
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Screen overlay detected app permisions

I am really stressed out with my GSamsung S7, Every app i have, I cant give permission to access my phone, it keeps saying to change this permission setting, you have to turn off screen overlay from ...
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Got stuck with a Pop-up on the main screen

I have Samsung Galaxy E5 (SM-E500H) with Android 5.1.1. Recently, I installed few apps and after that, I encountered an annoying little pop-up below the screen sometimes. I got into uninstalling some ...
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What is this Overlay Application and How can I get rid of it?

Recently this "app" has shown up on my phone. Tapping it gives me access to things like the home and back button, as well as screen lock. I can't figure out what app or setting has caused this to ...
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Screen dims except navigation bar

On my Yoga tab (B8080-F) with Android 4.4.2 all of a sudden screen got dimmed except for the navigation menu, where it remains bright as set in the display settings. If I change brightness manually, ...
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