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Is there a way to disable the default calendar app on a Samsung Galaxy S4?

I'd like to use the standard Google Calendar app (as available in the Play Store) too keep track of events. However, Samsung includes a modified version of the calendar on the S4. In previous ...
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Enable and disable system apps via ADB

Is there any adb command to enable/disable a system app? Thanks
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Should I update those pre-installed programs that I never use?

There are quite a number of applications that came pre-installed onto my phone when I bought it. I am unable to uninstall any of these without rooting my phone. Every now and then, Google Play will ...
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Root Terminal command to kill or stop a service?

The latest LiveView Application for my device keeps appearing on the status bar even if the LiveView device isn't connected. Since I can't find any means to disable this behavior, I want to create a ...
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how to disable system apps without root?

How to disable system apps without root? My phone model is vivo x5 max+ and android 4.4.4 I have tried Debloater but it failed to connect (I am sure I've allowed USB debugging).
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Why are disabled apps still running?

I've noticed that apps (such as Google Contacts Sync) that have been disabled using the stock Android (KitKat) app manager still show up as running when using process observer tools. This is true ...
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Is "Disabling" apps with Android 4 similar to "Freezing" in Titanium backup?

I just saw that I can "disable" an app in the app editing menu on my new HTC Droid DNA (stock Android 4.1 w/Sense). The main effect I can see is that the app disappears from app drawer. How is this "...
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How to uninstall or replace Joy Launcher?

This morning my Android mobile started asking for permissions for a "Joy Launcher" app that I've never seen (or at least noticed before). This appears to be an official app from the manufacturer. ...
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How can I rephrase: adb shell "pm block com.sec.knox.bridge" to work in an Android 10 phone?

Hope I am asking the right kind of question. I recently gained from my father a brand new phone his company gave him shortly before his retirement. They gave it to him knowing he was leaving and were ...
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How to uninstall/disable system apps on Fire HD 8?

I want to uninstall or disable system apps on my Amazon Fire HD 8 2017. How can I do this? The FireOS version in "System Updates" menu is
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What EXACTLY does "pm uninstall" do on an unrooted Android 9.0 device?

There seems to be confusion regarding the behavior of pm uninstall from the ADB shell, see also here and here. Question: What configuration files does pm uninstall write to, is it /data/system/...
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Cron job over adb possible?

I'm trying to use my phone less. I've managed successfully to remove apps via adb. My question is if it's possible to have apps disable/remove via their package names over adb, and then reinstated on ...
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