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App is running even though disabled! Why? [duplicate]

I did: pm disable I get: pm list packages -d So it is disabled. Still I get: ps | grep systemui ...
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Why & how disabled Google app(s) still keeps running something? [duplicate]

So, for whatever reasons, I like disabling Google services which I do not use. Since Android does not allow me to fully uninstall Google apps, I try to reply on the "Disable". However, what I am ...
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View app's full package name?

I am using Android 4.0.3 and I can no longer find package name for some app. If I recall, I used to go to Applications and has been able to see it there. So, how can I see full package name of some ...
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What's the difference between a service and a broadcast receiver?

I keep hearing about services and broadcast receivers. What's the difference between them, and how do they affect the operation of my Android phone from my point of view?
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pm hide VS pm disable -- the identity crisis

What's the need of pm disable when pm hide already does its job? I've compiled some information based on my search and research: click here to see the table (edited). As you can see, pm hide can ...
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Safe to uninstall AOSP keyboard?

Using XPrivacy, I noticed that the AOSP keyboard is loading once in a while. The interesting thing is that I don't use the AOSP keyboard on that device. It came preinstalled, but I use a different ...
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How can a third party app run in safe mode?

I had a problem with my phone restarting at random, and it all started when I asked a third party app, FX File Explorer, to carry out a task (searching for duplicate files). So I duly rebooted the ...
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Prevent bloatware which gets reinstalled from starting

I had a problem with this app (I found on a package with the same name on Google Play, but I doubt it's the same thing) which kept getting installed all by itself again and again, and once istalled, ...
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Does Android swap out memory used by foreground services?

Looking at an Android KitKat device made by LG, I see that an app called Software Update is always running as a foreground service (100). That service occupies a significant amount of memory. From ...
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How can Android run a disabled application?

I have just run into a situation described in this blog: Can any one explain this to me? How can Android run a disabled application? What good do we have from marking applications as disabled, if ...
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Can disabled application influence / modify system and UI

This is somewhat a follow up to my 1,5 year old question (still not answered). I already know that applications displayed as disabled may still be running in background in certain scenarios (mostly, ...
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