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How does fast-charge work?

How does Fast Charge work? Does it actually charge your device faster, and if so, Is there a downside to using it?
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On TurboCharging, "Charging Slowly" message displayed on my phone Moto G4 Plus

My Moto G4 Plus has the turbo Charging(30 min Charge 80%) feature. But when I connect to a Turbocharger, I get a display message on my lock screen as "Charging Slowly". On connecting a general ...
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Nexus 6P charges slowly on stock 6P charger, but 5X charges rapidly

TL;DR: My wife's LG Nexus 5X has no issue charging with her LG charger or my Huawei charger. My Huawei Nexus 6P charges slowly with the Huawei charger but at full speed with the LG charger. Is there ...
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Disable "Charging slowly" warning

When charging my phone, a LG K8 V, I get the message "Charging slowly: Use the charger and cable that were provided with this phone, or check the cable is properly connected." The charge rate is fast ...
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Android phone slowly charging message

I purchased a TCL 10L phone two days ago. To my surprise when I plugged it, the phone said "Fast Charging" and it charged very fast. People on YouTube say that it does not support fast ...
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Nexus 5X no "Charging rapidly" on original (stock) charger

After 7 months LG Nexus 5X now doesn't show "Charging rapidly" but only "Charging". Ampere app shows 1700 - 2100 mA max. Overall charging time now 50% longer than initially was. In accordance to ...
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Charging "hesitation" with Pixel

Here's an odd bit of behavior I'm seeing from my refurbished Pixel: When I plug it in using the rapid charger that came with it, it at first immediately shows as charging. Then stops less than a ...
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Can I replace Huawei 40W supercharger with third party charger but still provide supercharging feature?

Can I replace the Huawei 40W supercharger with a third-party charger but still provide a supercharging feature? I don't know what's those fancy things, but electronic isn't rocket science, but I tried ...
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How can I configure a Pixel 6 so that it always charges at max speed?

My Google Pixel 6 phone charges between 3W and 15W with the charger included with the Pixel 6 phone. How can I configure it so that it always charges at max speed? (Or at least whenever I ask for it, ...
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How to get fast charging diagnostics information

I want to find out what type of Fast Charging is supported by different combinations of Android device, cable and charger. I have a variety of devices, from different manufacturers and with different ...
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Can I charge my phone with many different charger speed types?

I have a nexus 6p, and various different chargers which I bought for the phone. One is a slow USB charger (comes with the box). Another is a type c to type c cable connected to the AnkerCore 20100+ ...
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How can I charge Motorola One normally?

tl;dr: Every setup that I tried so far ends up with "Charging rapidly" or "Charging slowly" on my Motorola One. What kind of charger (or power source) and cable should I use in ...
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