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Where are log files located on Android? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I view and examine the Android log? My android (2.1) phone (a HTC Wildfire, if that matters) sometimes reboots without an apparent reason. Not extremely frequently, ...
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How can I get a LogCat? [duplicate]

Sometimes I get asked for a LogCat. What is this? What is it supposed to do? How can I get it?
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Where is the Android log file to see if app installed correctly? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I view and examine the Android log? Where is the log file. Why not logs/system.log? I see a log using app but nothing about install information. Like failures to ...
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How to see Android OS System log file? [duplicate]

After leaving my Samsung Galaxy A-30 phone (with Android 9) for a few hours unbelievably I understood all of my internal storage is cleaned! I don't remember that I have installed any suspicious app ...
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How to prove an Android device is hacked? Retrieving logs from recovery booting [duplicate]

I'm having trouble with my new branded Vodafone Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. How can I get a copy to the full logs (and other files), without rooting, for places I do not have the required access? I can ...
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Is there a way to access logs from before a factory reset? [duplicate]

I recently had to factory reset my phone due to it crashing to the Android Recovery screen. It seems that several other users have had the same issue; all in the past week. Is it possible to view ...
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Trace/log of all activity on my android device [duplicate]

Is it possible to put on trace or get log of all activity on android device. If so, How?Also are there any key logger application
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My android apps sometimes crash [duplicate]

Say I am playing clash of clans or boom beach. A crash in the middle of an attack could be very fatal. What happen is I was playing and then suddenly the screen go back to the home screen. No other ...
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As a non-developer, how do I download logs so I can help diagnose why an app is crashing? [duplicate]

I am not an Android developer, but one of the apps I use is now saying "Unfortunately ... has stopped." I would like to look at the system logs to help figure out why, but all I can find is ...
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2.3 Tablet bootloop, trying to pull logfile with root adb [duplicate]

I have an old android tablet (2.3) which I've had for a number of years now. I've been trying to get access to the application data storage, because I had some important documents stored in a notes ...
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Where are the developer options in Android 4.2?

I wanted to access the developer options to enable adb access on Android 4.2 but cannot find it. How can I enable that? Once I've activated the menu, how can I hide it again?
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Problems accessing message logs on Jelly Bean with aLogcat

Summary I have been having problems accessing the K9 log messages using aLogcat, see below for more details. What I would like to know is: Why are no log messages from K9 appearing in the aLogcat ...
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How do I know when an app was used in Android?

Is there any way to tell when an app was being used in an Android phone? I am specifically interested in the camera and gallery functions. I believe my roommate went through my photos without asking, ...
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Inconsistent UIDS and wiping a data partition

I've inherited my wife's Android phone (GT540) when she got a newer, shining one :-) We think to have factory reset it (via the privacy option), and in fact it has finally stopped to refer to her ...
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My phone stopped remembering wifi passwords!

For some reason that completely escaped me, this here Samsung S3 mini stopped connecting automatically to my home network, always requiring me to re-type the wifi password. Since then, I noticed that ...
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