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Calculate phone's battery capacity

I found this product (check the product here) on Amazon. Can this product be able to calculate the power of my phone's battery if connected to the USB port of my phone? I want to check the original ...
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How to determine maximum capacity of a battery in mAh? - received fake battery

Is it an increasable value ? I think its not. I just bought an extended 3890 mAh battery for my Galaxy S4 GT I9500. The original Samsung battery is 2600 mAh. This is my second purchase from a ...
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Ascertaining damage from fully discharged android phone

I recently purchased a refurbished Pixel 8 Pro which was supposed to be in "pristine, flawless condition and looks and functions 100% as new". I do have a window of opportunity to return ...
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Is possible to charge the battery even If I erase boot and system partitions?

Is it possible? Or the device needs at least a kernel to be able to charge? I have a device in bootloop that every 3 seconds it vibrates and I'm not sure if its does not charge because I erased boot ...
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How to calibrate a new Nexus 5 battery that's higher capacity than original?

Just got a KBTEL battery that's 3800 mAh compared to the original 2300 mAh nexus battery. I charged it dead overnight, and now its been running for more than 7 hours and the capacity shows below 5% ...
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Are non-OEM batteries not optimized to work on a specific model and thus resulting in poor battery life?

I am looking to replace the battery in my Samsung Galaxy S8. Amazon shows many available batteries, ranging in capacity from 3000mAh to 4350mAh, all about $20 or less. The one and only authorized ...
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How does Battery Management System work (at the hardware-interface level) ? And how is idle self-discharging of batteries handled?

I came across the following when I was reading up about fully drained batteries in phones: If the phone is OFF for a month, then it is probable that the battery has gone down to a point that the BMS ...
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Change battery meter behavior

I heard that charging li-ion batteries to less voltage value heavily increases number of (charge-discharge) cycles, while decreasing phone work time(energy return from charge) only for a little. ...
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Replacing a new capacity battery and re-calibration

I am using redmi 2 for about 3 year and it's battery is dead. It was using 2200 mAH battery. So I went to local vendor and bought a copy battery with the rating of 2000 mAH. Now the new battery ...
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Calibrating/Correctly draining an Extended Battery

I recently purchased an extended battery for my ailing Galaxy S4. It's supposedly rated at 4000 mAh over the previous 2600 mAh OEM battery. First time I threw it in, I turned on the phone, chucked in ...
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Why does Battery Doctor say my battery is 50% charged while Android says 23%?

Battery Doctor says my battery is 50% charged while Android says 23%: Is there any reason why? I use a 4200mah Extended Battery on Samsung Galaxy SIII with Android 4.1.2.
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Power management : Configuring Battery cutoff voltage

I've been looking so far without any result yet. What and where are the configuration files editable to change anything about the power management, specifically, the cutoff voltage ? Any hints will ...
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LG G2 wrong battery size report

I get a LG G2 with Android 5.0.2, and when I check the battery it says that the capacity is 1900mAh instead 3000mAh that is the real amount of battery capacity. I make a little research and found that ...
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How can I change system file values?

I had the original battery on my Redmi K20 Pro for like 5 years. The battery degraded quite a bit so I disconnected the original battery from the bms and attached an external battery on the back of my ...
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Show battery at 100% when it is charged to lower value?

On the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, you can limit your battery to 85% and have it show 100% when it is at 85%. Can I somehow replicate this behaviour on my OnePlus 6 running on LineageOS 18.1 with root? I ...
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