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What does the *#*#4636#*#* dialer code do? [duplicate]

Has anyone tried the *#*#4636#*#* or *#*#7780#*#* dialer codes on HTC phones? They're not working for me. Secondly, what does it show, means what kind of information? Is it safe to run on brand new ...
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What special phone numbers can be used to display (hidden) info on Android phones? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Do you know other Android keypad commands ? In another post someone mentioned the special phone number #*#4636#*# to list CPU specific information. I would like to ask you to ...
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What are Android's secret telephony codes? [duplicate]

What are Android's hidden Secret Codes? There are a bunch of secret codes to access hidden features or perform special actions. They're entered into the dialer and have the following format: *#*#<...
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Get full list of secret codes in android [duplicate]

I was able to run some of settings hidden apps via adb with adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.MAIN "" These hidden apps are actually some of the activities ...
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How can I fix the GPS on my Samsung Galaxy S?

As has been well documented, the Galaxy S phones have terrible GPS functionality. It works for a minority, but it is slow/inaccurate for some and for others it just doesn't work at all. How can I ...
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How do I turn off the cellular radio without disabling bluetooth?

I have an old Motorola Droid that is no longer subscribed on any Verizon service. I still use it for things like web browsing, ebooks, and along with some wireless stereo headphones, music. I've ...
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How to safely activate LTE on S4 mini (GT-i9195) running 4.2.2?

I'd like to activate LTE on my device: S4 mini with LTE (GT-i9195). There seems to be ways of doing this, but they seem rather "scary" and experimental at best:
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Typing dialer secret codes in devices other than phones

Dialer secret codes are fun and useful and all the rage, but how can I use them in my tablet, or my TV dongle, or any onther non-phone android device?
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How to change "Preferred Network Mode" using adb without reboot?

I'm trying to change my phone's (CM 12, Stock 4.2, both rooted) preferred network mode from "GSM/WCDMA" (0) to "WCDMA only" (2) and vice versa (there can be other modes too), using command-line only. ...
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How can I save keypad command numbers like `*#*#4636#*#*` to my contact list?

I learned from a previous question of mine that Android has got several system numbers, or "keypad commands," which produce all kinds of information or invoke a system mode. As example: one of them ...
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How to see hidden files/folders on android internal storage over USB

I have a windows 7 pc and a Sony Experia Z android phone. I use a downloader app to download files to the phone, and then hook it up to USB to copy to the computer. The only problem is sometimes the ...
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Is there an official dialer code resource?

There are a ton of XDA forums and a decent number of answers here that refer to specific dialer codes. For instance *#*#4636#*#* will cause unicorns to spring forth from your phone or tell you what OS ...
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Xperia XZ1 won't boot after changing to pseudolocale

This would be the most ridiculous brick I've encountered 😄 What I did: Having enabled Developer options, I tried setting cibarA [XB] (Arabic when reversed) as my main language. As I figured out now, ...
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