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How to limit charging to a user defined limit? [duplicate]

My UleFone Armor 2 has a 4700mAh battery and I would like to limit the charging to 60% to reduce battery aging. The batteries in most of the phones are not user-replaceable and I am worried that a ...
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Don't charge the battery but use connected power to run the phone

Answers to this question Is power consumed from battery to run the phone when charging? explain how charging while phone is in use does both - charging the battery and powering the on going activities....
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Ideal charging / discharging percentage for maximum battery life?

One of my friends has a relatively new Samsung smartphone. He has this app that notifies him whenever the charging is up to 80%, and tells him to unplug the charger. He tells me that it will increase ...
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How do I override charging current on Huawei Honor 6?

On SonyEriccson Xperia X10i I do this: echo 1000 > /sys/devices/platform/msm_hsusb/gadget/chg_current This allows faster charging from computer's USB port (if I know it can source more than 500mA)...
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How to automate command line when specific application is launched?

So basically I want to run a few line of code each time a specific application is launched and closed. Is there application which could do that ? (Busybox ?) I actually have to print it my self in ...
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Android control battery charge programmatically

I'am using a Linage Android image (rooted) to control the battery charge and discharge with the commands: Charge: echo 0 > /sys/class/power_supply/battery/batt_slate_mode Stop charging: echo 1 >...
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Power management : Configuring Battery cutoff voltage

I've been looking so far without any result yet. What and where are the configuration files editable to change anything about the power management, specifically, the cutoff voltage ? Any hints will ...
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How to write to an Android system file?

Why is writing to /sys/class/power_supply/battery/status having no effect? Accessed manually via adb shell as root, eg echo "Discharging" > /sys/class/power_supply/battery/status does not ...
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Shell: get battery voltage_now if power were not connected

I am trying to make my device stop charging (echo 0 > /sys/class/power_supply/battery/charging_enabled, the easy part) when the battery's voltage reaches 3920000 µV. Using cat /sys/class/...
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Change battery meter behavior

I heard that charging li-ion batteries to less voltage value heavily increases number of (charge-discharge) cycles, while decreasing phone work time(energy return from charge) only for a little. ...
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What can I do to slow down battery degradation of portable power bank for my Android phone?

I just got Inland USB-A 5,200mAh Power Bank w/ LED Indicators for my android phone. It has a one-year warrantee, which seems to tell that its battery might degrade significantly after one year of ...
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Is there a way to configure always-plugged-in android devices to partially change battery or NOT stay fully charged?

So I’ll apologize in advance as I’m an iPhone user for mobile and Linux for work/desktop - Android is mostly unfamiliar territory to me. I’ve recently set up 3 or 4 android devices (a various ...
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control charging for Samsung Galaxy S3 that is in charger 24/7

I have Samsung Galaxy S3 in the charger 24/7, so it's not good for battery. How can I set charging so that the phone spends battery to say 30% before charging it to full?
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