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Can we use an Android phone as a Wi-Fi repeater? Imagine situation when you can access a weak Wi-Fi signal from a free hotspot (coffee shop) signal near window, but want to work in the middle of the ...
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How to use Android in Wi-Fi repeater mode by bridging Wi-Fi with Access Point? [duplicate]

I would like to extend a WiFi signal. I could buy a WiFi repeater, but a much cheaper solution would be using an older Android 4 device, which I own and don't use. The Android device is capable of ...
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how to convert android 10 phone to a software access point [duplicate]

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how to use Wi-Fi Coverage Extend Feature in Android 6.0 [duplicate]

I have Android 6.0 phone and i don't have Wi-Fi Coverage Extend Feature on developer options ,So i want to know if i can use this feature in my Android 6.0 phone. Thank you
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How to enable WiFi sharing in Android 8.1 in LG Nexus 5x [duplicate]

Currently, when we try to turn on Hotspot in Nexus 5x, then WiFi just gets disabled and only mobile data is shared over WiFi instead of already connected WiFi (broadband). Using Netshare WiFi sharing ...
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Why does personal/WLAN hotspot turn off the WiFi? [duplicate]

I'm using VPN on my Android phone. I want to sharing this to other Android devices using personal hotspot. So, I installed Every Proxy app. But, there is problem here. When I turn on the hotspot, the ...
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How to change the default hotspot DHCP IP address range on Android?

As the title says I look for a way to permanently change the default IP address range form to Reason: On my router some of my devices get a static IP trough DHCP, in the ...
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How to make a 'Captive Portal' on my mobile hotspot?

Some Wi-Fi networks such as those you find in coffee shops, when connected to, automatically redirect you to a web page where you will need to do something (enter credentials, accept terms of service, ...
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Set android as internet gateway to local router (Not mobile hotspot)

Background I have a local network and I want to have my mobile serve as an internet gateway when entering the network. What I'm asking is asked here, here and here. An advanced version has also been ...
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Using Android phone as a WiFi repeater without using mobile data

There have been quite a few discussions related to this topic Can I use my phone as a WiFi-WiFi hotspot? [duplicate] Turn On Both Wifi and Wifi Hotspot [duplicate] How to use Wi-Fi and hotspot at the ...
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What decides if WiFi sharing will work or fail?

Android 11, Mobile hotspot, under advanced, has an option called "Wi-Fi sharing", where it says "Share your phone's Wi-Fi connection in addition to mobile data". I've switched this ...
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Create WiFi AP in Termux with root access [duplicate]

For some purpose, I want to create a WiFi access point on my Android because I cannot turn on the hotspot when WiFi is enabled. And also I tried to use NetShare, but it cannot be enabled on boot. I ...
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How to run device into repeater mode with shell script?

Currently my device on LineageOS 18.1 (Android 11) with root access and supported managed mode and AP mode at the same time. root@localhost:~# uname -a Linux localhost 4.9.326-Mi8937 #1 SMP PREEMPT ...
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