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Not all files are visible over MTP

I have LG L5 (e610 model) device with Cyanogenmod 10. When I connect the phone to a computer with Linux (I have mtpfs installed), I can see both internal storage and the SD card. However when I ...
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Why does MTP show wrong directory location? [duplicate]

MTP (Miserable Transfer Protocol) failed once again. After moving a directory to a different path, it is still on the same path as before according to MTP. I already tried re-plugging the USB port ...
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Files (used to) appear on smartphone but not on Windows Explorer [duplicate]

I had a couple files missing on my Windows Explorer, despite being able to play files on the device itself. One tutorial told me to update my MTP driver, through Device Manager, I did, no changes. I ...
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Manually trigger MediaScanner to scan files on Internal Storage on Nougat/Oreo

I often manage my files in Termux with scripts that use the mv command to move or rename them. I want to manually trigger MediaProvider to scan my internal stroage (/storage/emulated/0) or a given ...
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Photos in DCIM folder visible on phone, not visible via USB

I use a RedMi 3S (Android 6.0.1), non-rooted and fully updated. I have a large number of photographs in my DCIM/Camera folder (in my "Internal Storage"). They're visible via the Gallery app, File ...
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I cannot open or play songs with anything but Files (default file explorer on Android One)

I have a new Nokia 3.1. After putting in and formatting an SD card, I copied a tonne of music to it (in /Music in the root folder). These are m4a and mp3 files. It seems only default apps can see and ...
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How can I make personal documents on my external SD card visible to the Kindle app?

I have a tablet running Android 9, with the latest version of the Kindle app. (The tablet is a Galaxy Tab A (8.0", 2019), but that shouldn't matter.) It's not rooted. In the Amazon Kindle app, I've ...
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Path of "Documents & other" in Google Pixel 4a "Files" app

I copied, via USB file transfer, a small folder (3 small files) into This PC\Pixel 4a\Internal shared storage\Documents. I thought that using Files by Google (version 1.0.459878599) > Documents &...
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Viewing files on Android phone from computer, only showing DCIM and Pictures folders, in internal shared storage

I have phones running Android.. When I connect either one to my computer, and click "internal shared storage", I only see DCIM and Pictures.. But if I go to any decent file manager app on ...
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Windows Explorer does not show files in Android filesystem

I am using a tablet with Android version 8.1.0 I save files into internal memory using my app which get saved at /storage/emulated/0/FOLDER/filename.txt Doing adb shell ls -la sdcard/FOLDER in windows ...
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Files not visible after upload from pc

My phones have same issue i don't know if i do something wrong or what but after I connect my phone to pc and upload some files you are not able to see them on phone. Example i upload new.apk to ...
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Ghost files on sd card

About the first problem: so, once out of nowhere the files on my old sd card got corrupted. I decided to pull in and out tge sd card, without safely ejecting it first, which corrupted it completely. ...
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Android *tone selection menu shows titles different to the actual filename. Why?

After i scp an audio file to my android devices alarms/notifications/ringtones sdcard folders, the file itself is named correctly, but the settings menu for selecting alarms/notifications/ringtones ...
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Unable to inspect nested directories from computer

I have an LG Nexus 5 running Android 6.0.1 which I am using as an MP3 player and for casual browsing as it has been replaced by a more modern phone. The phone is rooted and adb debugging is enabled. ...
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How to find screeshots from PC?

I'm looking for a screenshot, which I can see in Google Photos under Device folders -> Screeshots. But when I browse it from my PC (Windows 10), in DCIM folder I can only see Camera one (I read it ...
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