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How to find app based on package name?

I've installed a malicious app that is posting ads over my notification bar, but can't find it. I know the java package name for it: com.letang.game103.en using the command: adb shell dumpsys ...
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Unwanted apps auto installing without me doing anything. How to stop them?

I have a micromax phone and its autoinstalling some apps. I dont know weather these apps are installed from play store or from the micromax "app center" (which I never used). This problem started ...
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How to uninstall gmail app on android without root

I'm looking for a way to remove the preinstalled Gmail app (not account, I meant the app itself). My web searches yield methods to remove gmail account, not the app. Just to add, I had managed to ...
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Does OnePlus support removing NetFlix?

I noticed that my new OnePlus 7 Pro has Netflix preinstalled. This is awkward being the phone is so much more than prior models, and OnePlus has always prided itself on not shipping bloatware. Is it ...
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Cant install apps from Play store or using APK file and MIUI storage calculates 0 free space

First time asking so please correct me if I am wrong,Also please suggest me title for this question I have redmi 8 running miui 12 , Recently I cant install apps from playstore it keeps pending and ...
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How to remove apps from Samsung phone by pushing file with package names with ADB

Several years ago, a friend of mine was working on a Samsung S8 Active. He was trying to remove most of the apps on it so it was just a basic phone. He had some instructions for a Ponderosa system. He ...
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how to improve performance for games?

When touch responsiveness is really important (other than urgent moments, actually that would be a more important context). I have a sm-j700, android 6.0.1, 1.34GB RAM (low RAM is the biggest problem)....
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Is there a workaround (rooting, etc) for Android pre-installed spyware?

Is there a workaround (rooting, etc) for Android pre-installed spyware? (as seen in)
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A non-existing app keeps crashing

I've removed an app long ago, but when I unlock the phone a message appears which says: "the app" has stopped I had changed its location from internal to external before I remove it. Also I have ...
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how to uninstall beta gcamera app downloaded from unknown installation source for samsung galaxy a50s (SM-A507FN)

I have a new phone. Samsung Galaxy A50s. Model number SM-A507FN I downloaded Arnova's Beta 6: GCam_5beta6.200105.0445build-7.2.018.apk for ...
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