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advert web pages opened on phone by bg app [duplicate]

I have some unwelcome behavior on my Samsung S4 AOS 5.0.1 (unrooted) phone. A few days ago I start to get attempts to open my web pages (up to 3 times a day so far) while my phone is idle. All cases ...
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how to identify on command line terminal emulator apps and packages that have active network connections [duplicate]

I tried this using an app and I am able to identify most apps and their network connections however there are certain apps listed as '?' so apparently it is not able to identify a package name I ...
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Block apps from accessing the Internet on Android device

In Android, is it possible to block apps from accessing the Internet? Many apps will often connect to remote servers in the background, including Google's own apps or system services. Over time this ...
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How can I know which apps are currently connecting to the Internet?

I have a Samsung Spica running Eclair (rooted). I've noticed on a number of occasions that inspite of the Autosync option turned off, the sync icon appears in the notification bar. By default, Gmail, ...
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How to find out which app is trying to open spam websites?

I've recently bought a new Android smartphone. After setting it up and loading my contacts onto it I thought that would be it. Now after some days, every time I unlock the phone it takes a few ...
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Preventing mobile data use for select apps on non-rooted phone?

I have a number of apps that are fairly chatty on the network, and with a limited data connection I would like these apps to not use the 3G connection (WiFi is fine). I know that rooting the phone ...
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Allow only specific apps to use cell data, only when on 3G

I use Tasker to sync every 30 mins when on 3G. I'm on a limited data plan, and the only apps I use constantly are browser, a Twitter app (Echofon) and Whatsapp. Is there a way to allow only these apps ...
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How can I see how much internet bandwidth each process is using at the moment?

On Android, I have a nice Xposed module which shows me the current internet usage, but for the whole system, not per app: On my desktop computer I have this expandable panel item which shows me ...
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How to identify the app/process which re-mounts partitions R/W, creates files and changes file permissions?

I have a rooted device, with superuser rights granted to a few apps I trust. I have often found my /system or /vendor partition mounted read/write, and some files chmoded to 0777. Similarly ...
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how can i get the http sends requests from chrome just like from the network tab?

just like that . pls do not mention network monitoring tools like wireshark
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Restricting an app to only send internet traffic but not receive that back?

Is there a way or app to restrict some apps on my Android, or the whole device, to only send internet data packets but not receive them back? I want to confuse a game app by doing this. It restricts ...
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How can I record mobile network traffic?

I need to record edge/3g mobile traffic in pcap file. I can't find any working app for this. How can I do this? Samsung Galaxy s3, root, cyanogenmod11.
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Why network activity is detected from apps after VPN firewall blocks them?

A few non-rooted (no rooted) Android 7 and 8 phones from (Huawei, ZTE, Neffos and Samsung) were tested in this simple firewall (NetGuard) experiment. A selection of apps (including apps from the phone ...
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Which process is responsible for capturing (mobile/WiFi) data usage?

The problem is that it is broken for me. I customized quite a bit, specifically installing a firewall that uses root and disabling broadcast receivers and services in many Huawei and Google apps that ...
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What is causing unknown network traffic on an Android phone?

I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro smartphone with Android 10 installed. Even when all apps are closed using the task manager, I see some realtime network traffic. It's not that much but it goes on all ...
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