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how to find which process is continuously uploading data

My phone seems to be suddenly uploading GBs of data at speed of 8+Mbps. I cannot identify which direction app is doing this. But systems network indicator seems to show that is uploading data. Just ...
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How can I block a certain app from connecting to the internet?

I'm trying to stop Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard from connecting to the internet. Phone is Android 7, rooted. I have it blocked on AFWall+ But despite that, I can see through PCAPdroid (thanks to @Izzy ...
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Where is the main website connection log?

Is there a log/database of all the sites visited on my device, across all apps even in private modes? If not specific sites, just the domains/IPs connected to? If so, where do I find it? How far does ...
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Samsung a32 5g - Does auto sync take up a significant amount of data?

I am synced to 5 gmail accounts, 1 facebook account, office, onedrive, reddit, soundcloud samsung account, whatsapp and 2 twitter accounts. I only really receive a decent amount of emails from two of ...
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How to determine exact package/application which cause undetected traffic consumption (only UID are known)

The situation Some time ago I am started to locate data traffic leakage by the some packages, which listed in traffic listings as a numeric UID (five digits long). In both selection - by the cellular ...
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How to remove or find details about malicious "unknown" app that causes suspicious DNS requests

Using RethinkDNS firewall, I observe suspicious requests for the router IP that is labelled by RethinkDNS as comming from an "Unknown" app (whereas RethinkDNS displays the proper ...
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Are the Ip address of a website and the android app equivalent the same?

So recently i wanted to block website. So i found out the ip address of the website using ping command and blocked it using the ip filter on my router configuration page eg: for D-Link. ...
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Android 10 - recording app network usage

On Android 9 or less, I use a shell script which continuously reads from /proc/net/xt_qtaguid/stats and greps by app UID to get app network usage. However, this method is deprecated on android 10: ...
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What is causing unknown network traffic on an Android phone?

I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro smartphone with Android 10 installed. Even when all apps are closed using the task manager, I see some realtime network traffic. It's not that much but it goes on all ...
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how to identify on command line terminal emulator apps and packages that have active network connections [duplicate]

I tried this using an app and I am able to identify most apps and their network connections however there are certain apps listed as '?' so apparently it is not able to identify a package name I ...
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Disabling data for specific apps on android

My device is rooted with magisk, and I prefer cli options over apps. My device have android version 10 with stock android. All the firewall apps connect to a vpn (which i don't trust at all) to ...
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advert web pages opened on phone by bg app [duplicate]

I have some unwelcome behavior on my Samsung S4 AOS 5.0.1 (unrooted) phone. A few days ago I start to get attempts to open my web pages (up to 3 times a day so far) while my phone is idle. All cases ...
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Which process is responsible for capturing (mobile/WiFi) data usage?

The problem is that it is broken for me. I customized quite a bit, specifically installing a firewall that uses root and disabling broadcast receivers and services in many Huawei and Google apps that ...
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How to identify the app/process which re-mounts partitions R/W, creates files and changes file permissions?

I have a rooted device, with superuser rights granted to a few apps I trust. I have often found my /system or /vendor partition mounted read/write, and some files chmoded to 0777. Similarly ...
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how can i get the http sends requests from chrome just like from the network tab?

just like that . pls do not mention network monitoring tools like wireshark
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