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make android work as if it's a real physical USB drive [duplicate]

It would be cool to make android behave as if it's a real USB drive when connecting the device to TV and PC(s). So we don't get things like "Unsupported" and make many things possible. I ...
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What is /storage/emulated/0/?

Recently, I've figured out that if I delete files from /sdcard/Download it deletes files from /storage/emulated/0/Download. And if I add the files into /sdcard/Download it duplicates them in /storage/...
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How can I use my Galaxy Nexus as an external USB storage drive?

I just got the Galaxy Nexus and learned that it does not support USB Mass Storage mode. It only supports MTP and PTP. I regularly use my phone as a USB flash drive at work so this is a problem. I ...
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How to recover a deleted file from /data partition on a rooted phone?

I factory reset my rooted Android M phone but now I realize that there was a file in the /data directory which I need. Is it possible to create an image (.img or something similar) of the /data ...
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How to stop apps writing to "Android" folder on the SD card?

I have a (seemingly) simple question to which I haven't found a clear answer to. My phone creates an "Android" folder on my SD card and I'm wondering if it could be moved into the phone's internal ...
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phone mounts as media device not usb storage

My Samsung Galaxy SII used to mount normally as a USB drive in Ubuntu until the 4.0.3 upgrade. Now the only two options are: connect as Media Device (MTP) connect as Camera (PTP) neither of the ...
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Connect my lollipop device via USB in mass storage mode

I have Samsung S5 dual sim variant which runs on android v5.0 stock based custom rom, and having some trouble with MTP mode such as very slow copying speed and can't play media directy (I have to copy ...
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How to use "USB Mass Storage Mode" on Android 4.3+

Followup on How has USB File Transfer changed in Android changed over the years? I've learned that Android 4.3 and later versions don't have this feature because Micro$oft. Newer options, Media ...
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How to make a complete factory reset, without anyone being able to retrieve my data?

I will have a few Android phones that I will have to let go. I would like to make a proper clean wipe of the data, without no one being able to retrieve them, and do a factory reset. I have read ...
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How to turn on USB mass storage with JellyBean

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. I have files on an external SD card but I cannot mount the tab as a usb drive from my computer - I cannot find a way to turn on USB Mass Storage. How do I do ...
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How to take full image backup of partitions or eMMC?

I have an Archos 55 Platinum here. There is also a unofficial TWRP, if this might help. I would like to make a backup of the storage of the phone, like dd for any partition, so I can inspect the ...
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Trigger "mount as disk drive" (aka "USB Mass Storage" mode) from PC

I've got an HTC Incredible that I sync to my Linux box. I'd like the Linux box to automatically detect that the phone is attached (I can do that via adb wait-for-device), and then automatically put ...
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How to mount Internal Storage as USB Mass Storage for recovering data?

I accidentally formatted my Android phone's storage partition while updating to Android Oreo today. When I tried to restore the backup I realized that the backup of the data partition had failed and ...
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Is there any way to recover data from 2nd SD partition?

From the beginning. I was using Link2SD in order to save up some internal memory, but today I noticed that all apps moved to to second partition (EXT2) magically disappeared. I don't want to repair ...
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How to enable USB mass storage feature on newer android phones

As a Linux user , it sometimes gets to tedious to get MTP working.So I want back the USB mass storage feature. The main reason is that my TV doesn't support MTP. I used to watch movies and videos ...
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