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How does rooting and unrooting work? [duplicate]

How does rooting work? What kind of code/programs the manufacturers don't want to install in the phones (so that people have to root)? Why? Can it be unrooted too? Thanks in advance.
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Kingo Root fails and gives error code 0x11f116 (Xiaomi Redmi Note 9) [duplicate]

I unlocked bootloader on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 and tried to Root it with Kingo Root mobile and desktop. Both keep failing and mobile gives error code 0x11f116. Now mobile version crashes when ...
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Click to ROOT even without PC? How is this possible? [duplicate]

There are many apps which says you can root in single click, like framaroot, one click root, kingo root. I'm not sure whether everythings works, but, YouTube videos claim that. How these apps root a ...
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How does Magisk work?

Magisk is known as a “systemless” root method. It’s essentially a way to modify the system without actually modifying it. Modifications are stored safely in the boot partition instead of modifying the ...
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How to manually root a phone?

I want to learn how to root a android phone manually, I mean without any apps like KingRoot, dr.fone etc. I did not found any guides or information about it. (Background Information: I want to root a ...
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Pros and cons of rooting using apps ("Soft Root") compared to other methods ("Hard Root")

There are quite a few app based rooting methods. A recent review 9 free software apps to root Android devices, points to some of them and there may be more apps, paid or otherwise. From what I ...
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Is there a way to root an Android phone without unlocking the bootloader?

I've tried almost any method to root my ASUS ZenFone Live, but no one seems to work. Also I only need root, no unlocked bootloader (don't want to wipe data) or custom recovery (not essential ATM).
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What special privileges "/system/xbin/su" does have w.r.t. root access?

This answer says: Because of the way directory/file permissions are configured on Android, you need to have the su binary on your /system partition in order for it to work. Putting elsewhere ...
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How can Phones such as Oppo be vulnerable to Privilege escalation exploits

Oppo (to my knowledge) makes it basically impossible to root, due to locking the boot loader and removing fast boot. So I'm wondering if this changes anything in regards to Privilege escalation ...
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How to pull data from internal memory on an unrooted phone?

Yesterday, I suddenly discovered that I had lost all the user files on the internal memory of my android phone. All my photos, my music, my PDFs, audio recordings, everything. I will explain the ...
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Bought a used Samsung Galaxy A03, cannot bypass FRP, cannot enable Developer Options [closed]

I bought a used Samsung Galaxy A03. I'm pretty tech savvy but I didn't know about FRP protections and making sure he was signed out of his Google account and all, until I factory reset it and got ...
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How to root Lenovo B (A016a40)?

I am trying to root my Lenovo B (A2016a40), but I absolutely cannot find a working method. Here are some specs of my phone as a screenshot: I have tried several apps (desktop and Android) such as ...
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Is KingRoot secure?

I have unlocked my HTC device and installed TWRP and SuperSU. Then I accidentally leaked root access to one of Tencent's apps. The log says that the app has leaked root permission to KingRoot SDK: It ...
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Revvl 6 5G - A/B Root??? - W/O recovery.img

I have a Wingtech - Revvl 6 5G [Mediatek-MT6833] that has an A/B boot partition with vbmeta, OEM unlocked, Debug Mode, and Bootloader Unlocked (Via MTKClient). I've tried rooting the easy way with ...
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actual limitations of locked bootloader

I have read in many posts that a locked bootloader prevents from flashing custom ROMs, because it checks the digital signature of the ROM itself. I thought a "bootloader" was only responsible for ...
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