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How does Magisk work?

Magisk is known as a “systemless” root method. It’s essentially a way to modify the system without actually modifying it. Modifications are stored safely in the boot partition instead of modifying the ...
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"One-click" root apps don't work anymore. Why not?

Years ago, it was easy to root any device. You installed KingRoot, KingoRoot, or a similar app. You hit the large "Root" button, and let the app do the rest. After 5 minutes or so, a green &...
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Difference between installing SuperSU using Play Store versus a custom recovery that installs it from a file?

I see that some rooting guides say that rooting involves: Download a SuperSU as a zip file that would be accessible to the phone (e.g. the sdcard). Unlock the phone's bootloader. Booting into a "...
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Why does "adb root" do nothing?

I have a OnePlus 6T. It is rooted by TWRP and Magisk. I have set ro.debuggable to 1. But when I type adb root it does this: C:\Users\ituser> adb root C:\Users\ituser> adb remount Not running as ...
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How Android's permissions mapping with UIDs/GIDs works?

Reading the book: Android Security Internals I'm reading at Chapter 2 - Permission Management paragraph that permissions are assigned to application at install time by the package manager with a ...
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How to grant certain apps root permission through ADB? [duplicate]

I have an Android TV box (4.4.2, armv7), and I can login the device as root by ADB (local network). What I want to do is to give certain apps root permission. How can I do it?
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How to run an Android init service with superuser SELinux context?

I want to run an Android init service. I have a device which has rooted shell (purchased from manufacture as rooted). This device doesn't have Magisk or other su manager but adb shell is rooted and it ...
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Are multiple-users protected from each other differently than apps?

I confess that I come from the happy world of unix computers, and am used to the concept of user accounts and hence group gids and userids uids. For the occasional usage of an untrusted app (i.e. ...
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SELinux permissive kernel - is it a security risk?

As in title. I am talking of Kernel, not ROM (plenty of questions dealing with ROM on this site). I have a OnePlus 7 running stock Android 10 and prefer a custom kernel. Of late, OnePlus hasn't ...
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What sepolicy context will allow any other context to access it?

I am on a bootloader locked Sprint Samsung Galaxy S7, eng boot.img flashed to phone with SELinux permissive, which gives root adb shell from where I can change system partitions, debloat, install ...
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Is there a way to set up a firewall on mobile hotspot to block incoming connections?

I've been using the Android mobile hotspot to get an Internet connection while traveling. The stock hotspot is fine for my laptop which is firewalled, but there are a few devices (smart TV, game ...
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If a user debug build comes with adb root access by default, does it contain the su binary?

If an Android user debug build comes with adb root access by default, does it contain the su binary to achieve this? If not, is it any different from rooting your phone?
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Can android user become a super user in android?

Is it possible to change the rights of normal user in android to super user? My requirement is to run the super user code(I want to read a file data from system directory) in a device that has ...
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Fix SELinux contexts for a SU binary

I am trying to root my android 6.0.1 phone using the following method: I first booted into a TWRP image using fastboot boot, then using the TWRP terminal I copied the su binary from the SuperSU kit ...
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Are there any Google devices that support file based capabilities in their default kernel?

If I systemless root (no modification done to /system partition) a Nexus device, would I be able to able to set capabilities on executables without changing the original kernel binary ? I often want ...
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