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Security concern: Can "multiple user" feature protect my sensitive data from apps that I don't trust? [duplicate]

I'm using lineageos18.1 and for some reason I need to install an app that I don't trust. It requires some critical permission to run normally such as: All files access Install unknown apps Get ...
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How Android's permissions mapping with UIDs/GIDs works?

Reading the book: Android Security Internals I'm reading at Chapter 2 - Permission Management paragraph that permissions are assigned to application at install time by the package manager with a ...
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Why are superuser permissions needed to acess /data partition?

The default account is normal user, and I used it to install Google Play Store APK (to /data). Then Google Play Store was opened using my current user's permissions, and it is used to download and ...
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What special privileges "/system/xbin/su" does have w.r.t. root access?

This answer says: Because of the way directory/file permissions are configured on Android, you need to have the su binary on your /system partition in order for it to work. Putting elsewhere ...
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How do I access `$HOME/storage` outside of Termux (with a file explorer)?

How do I access $HOME/storage Termux directory on Android Pie with a GUI File Explorer? In Termux I print the working directory with pwd and it shows $HOME/storage as: /data/data/com.termux/files/...
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WhatsApp: How to isolate contacts and photos - Privacy concerns

Whatsapp is ubiquitous and is commonly used despite the long scary list of permissions it seeks ( see Help understanding Whatsapp's permissions ) Privacy and security conscious people would like ...
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How to grant an app a permission that isn't in its manifest for audio recording?

Non rooted Moto G6 Play running Android 9. I'm using Termux and would like to use Sox's rec command to record audio from the terminal. Unfortunately, since Termux doesn't request the mic permission, ...
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What is the "u#_everybody" UID?

In (multi-user) Android there are UIDs like these: u0_everybody u10_everybody u11_everybody Those seem different to the usual uXX_aYY UIDs used for the applications. What is their purpose? Is this a ...
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Which part of Android directories contains so-called proprietary blobs?

When building AOSP (Android Open Source Project) or LineageOS, there is a tool named breakfast. It downloads proprietary blobs and integrates them to the source tree. I have read this article, does ...
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How to hide installed app from other app?

If app has storage access, how to hide other installed app from it? App consists of files in different locations. Maybe somehow I can make them unaccessible for other app? If I didn't give root right ...
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Is there a way for a website or app to view the contents of my internal storage without my permission?

I see there are a lot of articles about the restrictions imposed on JavaScript in Windows Chrome. It can't access the filesystem of a user without the user himself uploading it to the server of the ...
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Why network activity is detected from apps after VPN firewall blocks them?

A few non-rooted (no rooted) Android 7 and 8 phones from (Huawei, ZTE, Neffos and Samsung) were tested in this simple firewall (NetGuard) experiment. A selection of apps (including apps from the phone ...
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Making apps installed by Owner visible to other users/profiles

So, as you might know, Android 10 supports Multi-User feature (for reference - this thing) I have some apps from F-Droid, installed while on Owner profile. But most of the apps are only visible to ...
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What private data can apps access without any specified permissions?

Let's say an app doesn't require any permissions at all. What could that app access that could be a potential privacy risk? Other app usage? List of installed apps? Check is my screen unlocked? Google ...
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How is it possible that I run android apps with the right user rights

I learned for every app I installed on my Android, a new user is created. And the data for this app is stored in /data/data/app folder with the only access permission to the user that is created for ...
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