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How can I recover a deleted file on Android? [duplicate]

I just deleted a file on my Nexus S that I really need back. (It was actually part of an app using a sqlite database that did a drop table when upgrading to a new version.) Presumably I need to root ...
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My Android phone is completely reset, whats the best way to recover the deleted data? [duplicate]

A person at a phone store reset all the contents of my Motorola Moto G Android phone, and I did not give them permission to do so. I had many important pictures and videos, but the even more important ...
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Recover Whats-app database files (.crypt12) [duplicate]

Today I had to uninstall whats-app as my storage was 100% and all the apps were constantly crashing. I thought I would recover it later. However my file manager app ES file explorer offered me to ...
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My phone turned off while i was recording audio. How do I recover the file? [duplicate]

I recently was recording audio (an interview) by using the native Voice app on my Samsung Galaxy S6. I paused the recording without having the time to save it. My phone turned off automatically and ...
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Recover accidentally deleted texts on Samsung Galaxy S21 [duplicate]

I accidentally deleted all my text messages on my Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. I tried to find them in the cloud. The trash, but to no avail. Is it possible to retrieve them?
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How could I retrive full internal storage of an Android smartphone in order to restore data? [duplicate]

In TWRP, I originally intended to only formating Data as F2FS but didn't know that from around Android 5, data is a subfolder under /sdcard and everything in /sdcard is gone. How could I retrive a ...
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How can I recover my deleted messages? [duplicate]

I'm a symphony i110 user.unfortunatly I deleted some sms which was how can I get those back?
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How to recover data from flash or fully formated mobile? [duplicate]

My mobile was dead in warranty period, but after repair from service center I lost my all data. Is there is any way to recover data from flashed Mobile. Suggest methods with computer or without ...
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restore data from internal storage of android phone [duplicate]

I am struggelling with the file recovery of an internal storage of an android phone. I made a dd copy of the /dev/sda device which includes the system and userdata and some other partitions of the ...
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Android internal storage files recovery method that still work in android 10 [duplicate]

I have a realme 5 phone running Android 10 and realmeUI 1.0. I accidently deleted whole folder containing pictures and a few videos. Is there any method that still works in android 10 since the ...
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Recovery my data on internal storage (deleted permanently 1 month ago) [duplicate]

Does software like Dr. Fone, MiniTool that required "root" on android really work 100% for recovering my lost photo? First of all my phone is not rooted. I've lost my important photo (deleted ...
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Access to folders that require root [duplicate]

I'm trying to find my deleted notes in xiaomi phone(i'm still hope :( ) since May. But i coulndt done it yet with adb. Therefore i'm going to do last decision:''Rooting my phone to access folders'' ...
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How to create image of internal storage to attempt data recovery? [duplicate]

I accidentally deleted an entire folder of photos a few days ago on my Galaxy Note 4. My PC was also down because of a failed hard drive, so I was unable to back up my phone prior to this accident. At ...
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Recovering files after accidental reset [duplicate]

My father has done a reset to factory by accident. We are trying to restore photos, videos and other if possible. It seems that the recovery programs for android are not as good as the pc ones so I ...
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How to recover lost/deleted images [duplicate]

So basically it went like this: 1.) I plugged my phone to my laptop and transferred all my photos. 2.) After having successfully copied the pictures, I deleted them on my phone via the laptop then ...
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