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Which files does `adb backup -apk -shared -all -f <filename> back up? [duplicate]

I wanted to back up everything on my phone: call logs, messages, whatsapp texts, photos, videos, screenshots, screen video captures, recordings, app data... and everything else, before selling my ...
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Is there a way to look inside and modify an adb backup created file?

I created a backup of my Galaxy Nexus with adb backup. The resulting file is named backup.db and it's somehow encrypted. I wanted to restore the backup, but it stops when it comes to restoring com....
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Where are notepad notes stored?

A simple question really, where do apps such as notepad store their data (the notes)? Additionally, where do offline games store their information (such as what level you're on)? I've looked at the ...
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Unlocking Google Pixel 2 XL without losing data

I need to unlock my Google Pixel 2 XL without losing my data. I figured out the simple solution of doing a hard reset, but I can't lose all the important things on my phone because I need them for ...
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How can I transfer/copy open chrome tabs from an android phone to a windows pc?

There is already a question regarding this exact same topic here: Android Enthusiasts \ The reason I'm posting this query again here is because I can't comment on the answers available there since I ...
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Where is hidden additional data of an app stored?

This question came to my mind when I installed Oxford Dictionary. It's strange that I couldn't see the additional files (audio, dictionary, and pictures) in an unrooted device. This app has a base app ...
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How can I find / transfer a single app's data files to a new phone? (unrooted)

I just got a new phone and I was able to have almost all my apps and data transfer over without an issue. Neither phone has root access. But a couple apps (a game, a cocktail app) didn't transfer ...
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How to fix apparently-incomplete adb backup?

I need to hand in my old phone, but before I do, I want to be sure I am not going to lose any data, including app data. I've tried the usual adb backup -apk -shared -all, however this produced a file ...
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Is there some way to move apps and settings from an Android phone to another?

Is there some way to move apps and settings from an Android phone to another? I remember I could open Google Store in a webpage in computer, and then see what apps are installed on a phone, and ...
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Unable to access internal SD card in Redmi 6 pro

I am not able to access the internal SD card of my Redmi 6 Pro mobile which runs MIUI version and Android Version 9 PKQ1.180917.001. In settings it is showing storage 64 GB. However when I ...
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How to make a complete backup from rooted device to non-rooted device?

I would like to get my data from an old rooted android phone, to a new android phone which can't be rooted. adb backup and helium aren't able to get all of my data from my rooted phone. Is there a way ...
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Get the actual app's data files location [duplicate]

tl;dr One of my apps stores its data in some weird place that isn't covered by Google backup. And thus it was not restored after the latest system recovery. I've lost all my data for that single app. ...
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Transfering data from non-default apps to new phone

I'm currently in the process of transferring my old phone's (Samsung Galaxy A8) settings, data, media etc to the new one (Samsung S22 Ultra). The Samsung Smart Switch app does transfer things like the ...
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