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How to permanently delete data on an android phone including images videos and etc..? [duplicate]

I have and android phone and I usually delete images and also delete them from trash . But I always can recover deleted items by using third party recovery apps like diskdigger and all deleted files ...
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Is it possible to recover deleted files without root on Android 12? [duplicate]

I clicked the "free up space" button in Google Photos, and it deleted the original copies of all my photos and videos in the past 3 years. It happened on a non-rooted Galaxy Note 10 Plus (...
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How to protect my galaxy S9 from data recovery after factory reset? [duplicate]

I have a Galaxy S9 that I will send to Samsung in a couple of days for the trade-in program and I want to delete everything on it in a way that it cannot be recovered even after a factory reset. From ...
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Is there anything I can do to securely erase my phone's data before sale? [duplicate]

I've had a Samsung Galaxy filled with thousands of sensitive financial documents, which I've been using as a pocket computer pretty much, in order to reference them each time I need to throughout the ...
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Is data recovery possible in encrypted phone? [duplicate]

I need a suggestion! Tomorrow I am giving my phone to service centre for repairing my broken camera. I am feared that whether they can access my files or not? My phone is on android 10 out of the box ...
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How to permanently obliterate android phone's entire data? [duplicate]

I want to completely delete all data on my android phone with 0% of it being recoverable. I don't want to physically destroy the phone. I don't want to make the phone unusable. What I want to do is, ...
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Will some of my photos and files still remain in the memory if I do a factory reset? [duplicate]

Just wondering... If I sell my Android phone, is it possible for the new owner to use some data recovery software and recover some of the files?
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How to recover a deleted file from /data partition on a rooted phone?

I factory reset my rooted Android M phone but now I realize that there was a file in the /data directory which I need. Is it possible to create an image (.img or something similar) of the /data ...
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When selling your phone, what steps should be taken to make sure that all personal data has been removed?

I am getting rid of my Samsung Galaxy S4 and want to know what steps I should take to make sure that private information has been deleted from the phone. I have removed the SD card and cleared all of ...
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How to delete a specific file in Android so that it can't be recovered?

From my experience a file deleted from a computer filesystem can often be recovered unless it is overwritten with a special program (that's usually called "shredding"). Is an Android-based HTC ...
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What really happens during a factory reset? Does it securely erase all data?

When you "factory reset" an android phone, are you formatting the phone storage by securely erasing all data and writing over them with zeroes, or are you simply deleting the files by hiding them from ...
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Why can't I see Android storage as a partition on PC?

I'm trying to recover an accidentally deleted video from Huawei P10. I use Ubuntu, so I tried to recover it using photorec. The problem is that I can't see the mobile's internal storage or SD card ...
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Bootloader/BIOS, flashing ROMs and related risks. Why are Android devices more brickable than PCs?

I have solid experience with installing different OSes (Linux, Windows,...) on PCs. I would like to try just for fun to install Linux on an unbranded Android low cost tablet acquired in 2015. I spent ...
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How to get data off a completely dead Android phone?

Phone worked perfectly. Then one day completely dead, nothing at all. It may have been that "one day" was after some time of laying around, cannot recall. Model: Android AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 (...
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If I reset my phone, will it also TRIM the fragmented eMMC?

I know that Android supports fstrim but it only works if the phone is idle for a long time while charging. I think my phone is too fragmented and is lacking performance so I want to reset it but I am ...
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