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Read data from internal flash of a broken phone [duplicate]

I have a broken phone which doesn't even switch on. I would like to get all the data from the phone, is there a way to remove flash memory from motherboard and read all the data? My phone was an Asus ...
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Is there a way to get pictures out of a nonfunctional Samsung Note 4? [duplicate]

My Samsung Note 4 has been acting up lately and is now practically dead. It doesn't turn on whatever the method is. As much as I want to let it go, it holds a lot of pictures that I didn't put on my ...
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Is there a way to get all the internal storage data from my LG W30 which doesnt turn on? [duplicate]

My android phone LG W30 fell pretty bad from a decent height and it doesn't turn on now. No response from any buttons. when connected to power, the indicator LED turns on and nothing else. This is the ...
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How to recover a deleted file from /data partition on a rooted phone?

I factory reset my rooted Android M phone but now I realize that there was a file in the /data directory which I need. Is it possible to create an image (.img or something similar) of the /data ...
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How to make a complete factory reset, without anyone being able to retrieve my data?

I will have a few Android phones that I will have to let go. I would like to make a proper clean wipe of the data, without no one being able to retrieve them, and do a factory reset. I have read ...
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Bootloader/BIOS, flashing ROMs and related risks. Why are Android devices more brickable than PCs?

I have solid experience with installing different OSes (Linux, Windows,...) on PCs. I would like to try just for fun to install Linux on an unbranded Android low cost tablet acquired in 2015. I spent ...
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Data recovery from encrypted phone based on glitches in the encryption?

To make a long story short I needed to root my phone and didn't notice the warning that unlocking the bootloader erased all contents of the memory. I contacted a data recovery company and told them ...
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Wipe data from dead Android phone

I have Samsung Galaxy A10s. Now its dead. No power on. I tried lots of combinations. I don't want anybody to get the data, messages or media files which is in internal memory. But as its not charging ...
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Decrypt userdata files using device and complete filesystem dump

My Oneplus 5 got softbricked (touch input completely stopped working some time after an update and nothing could be done about it). This happened soon (a couple of weeks) after it was updated to ...
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Dead phone and lost data

Few weeks ago,my phone has suddenly dead and entered in an endless restart loop. All data saved in the phone is gone. What I care for the most is WhatsApp chats and attachments. I remember I have ...
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Is it possible to crack encrypted device?

I have device powered by Qualcomm MSM8974AC Snapdragon 801 cpu and running Cyanogenmod 13 (6.0.1 android) rom with unlocked bootloader and TWRP (3.0) recovery. ROM has security patch level December ...
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Possible to perform data recovery with dead cpu? (LG G6 - Android 9)

I've got a dead LG G6, suddenly freeze during normal using. After force rebooting, it was completely dead even though connecting to charging cable. Have already performed cpu chip-off and reballing, ...
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How to know if it's hard bricked or a hardware problem?

Phone: Moto C Plus, rooted. How it started: I was on F-Droid, downloaded Bromite (a browser). While installing it, the phone froze/hang. I went to the kitchen, came back, and i see the recovery TWRP ...
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Are there any downsides to encrypting an Android device?

Besides requiring a lock screen, are there any downsides to encrypting an Android device (using the native encryption)? For example: is there a performance decrease? is there a temperature increase? ...
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Get photos back from broken/locked android phone

Is there any way to open mobile phone and get it's ROM memory out and connect it with pc or something and get your files(photos and text files) ?
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