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block particular apps from accessing vibration [duplicate]

I'm using Samsung S9 ( OneUI version 2.5, Android version 10 ). Is there any way to stop a particular app from accessing the vibration feature of the phone? Even if I turn on the silent mode and turn ...
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How to find app based on package name?

I've installed a malicious app that is posting ads over my notification bar, but can't find it. I know the java package name for it: com.letang.game103.en using the command: adb shell dumpsys ...
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List of ADB settable permissions

I am searching for a list of permissions that can be set with adb. I could just iterate through all permissions and ignore the failed ones but i'd rather filter out the ones that i know can't be set ...
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How do I find out what app is showing a toast?

Several times a day my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy A51, Android 11) is showing this toast We're having trouble connecting. Check your network connection and try again. If I stay offline this toast ...
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Keyboard keeps vibrating, even though "vibrate on tap" is off?

I recently factory reset my phone, I have Android 7.1.1. I want to disable the vibrations when typing. I go to Settings, Sound, Other sounds, and all options are OFF there, including "Vibrate on tap". ...
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How can I see which applications is reading the clipboard?

Upon reading TikTok says it will stop accessing clipboard content on iOS devices, I wonder: How can I see which applications is reading the clipboard?
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How to make calls ring (with sound) while messages vibrate?

This seems like a fairly basic thing but I'm having trouble nonetheless. I'd like my calls to ring (with sound) while messages vibrate (no sound). How do I do this? Setting sound mode to "sound&...
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Disable vibrations for notifications on Xiaomi Mi A3

I have a Xiaomi Mi A3 on Android 9. I want to disable the vibration when a notification arrives for all apps. I did not know that by disabling notifications, I won't be able to receive calls since ...
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adb appops command error trying to disable vibration for a specific app in Android 10

Referring to this excellent Q&A: How to determine which app is causing vibration? I opened an adb shell and ran: for pkg in $(pm list packages | sed 's/package://') do echo "$pkg $(appops ...
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Disable vibration per app/Globally No Root

I would like to disable vibration for specific app or Globally. There is app for sound "App Volume Control Pro" that can do it for sound without root. Is there any app that can do that for ...
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After I installed an app, the phone now scans NFC every time I unlock the screen (Android 12)

I did not know that an App can modify system behavior like this. I have phone always on silent. I installed "Xiaomi Wear". During installation in Play Store, the phone made a short vibration....
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Globally turn vibrations

This question comes up occasionally - but in the hope there is now a way to do it I'll ask again. Is there a way to toggle vibrations (specifically on Samsung's UI 3.0)? Example use-case: at work, ...
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