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How do I change the name of my Android device?

My Android device is the Nexus One. But this should apply to all current Android devices. How do I change the name of my Android device? When I connect to my wireless router's client tables, my ...
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How to reach local computer via machine name instead of IP?

Developer here prototyping a mobile app, somewhat new to mobile: I have a simple HTTP service running (currently) on my main laptop with machine name latitude. Another laptop named vaio sharing the ...
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How to set up a host to IP mapping on unrooted Android?

I've a website running on my computer, and I want to test it from my Nexus 7 tablet. I.e. over the local WiFi LAN. If I type in the IP address it connects, but shows the wrong web site, because I'm ...
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Why is Android refusing to resolve DNS records pointing to internal IP addresses?

I have a very strange behavior on an Android device (Nexus 7) when trying to access local network applications. Instead of getting the actual IP of the machine on LAN, the Android device gets the ...
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How does Android do DNS name resolution?

I am learning about how Windows does name resolution and need to know how Android does it so an app will work on my Windows laptop and from my Android Phone. Borrowing from a post on, ...
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How to configure DNS properly while two LANs are running?

The device can't ping but ping is okay. My OS is Android 6.0.1, the kernel is 4.1.15 I've tried the resolv.conf and /etc/hosts. But these methods seem can not work on Android. ...
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Why is "mdnsd" draining my battery and how to stop it?

This process (mdnsd) had been draining my battery for a few weeks. I have not been able to find a solution after a lot of search. I don't have any drone app, Facebook app or Firefox, although it's ...
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Why can't I browse to my desktop using its .local hostname?

I have a PC whose name is "mypc". It's accessible on the local network. https://mypc.local correctly displays its website when browsed from Mac, iOS, and itself. However, using my Pixel 3 ...
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Accessing local computer using hostname

From my tablet running Android 9 I would like to access a web site on my local server using its hostname (server). This works fine from my laptop computer running Debian 10. However, on my tablet I ...
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Is dhcpcd used in newer Android versions? How to configure new DHCP client?

Basically, there's a file /etc/dhcpcd/dhcpcd.conf . Is this file or dhcpcd used at all? My phone runs Android 7.1.2 and I wanted to change the default hostname using the hostname somename line in this ...
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How to redirect all web requests from hosts connected to hotspot to a local web server?

I literally have the same question as found in this post: How to redirect complete outgoing phone's traffic to a proxy server? I have an Android phone acting as a hotspot server (using KWS). I am ...
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What values to set in Static IP Settings of Wi-Fi when changing DNS?

I have nearly the same problem as Set Open DNS in Android 5.0.1 and the answer helped me. Although I just want to change the DNS for blocking porn, what values for the following fields should I enter?...
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How to make Termius look for hostnames on the local network first?

I have four devices: Windows 10 PC Android Phone (v6.0.1) Internet Router "servername" (Raspberry Pi 4) All are connected locally using Wifi (not that it should matter) using the simplest possible ...
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I have an issue with one Android device accessing the local web server. We have about ten of the same devices, but one refuses to connect. It always returns the following error in any of the browsers ...
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The phone as hotspot doesn't use its own DNS

Summary I use my phone (Android 8.1) as access point. The qualified name of clients is resolved for other clients, but not for the phone itself. Details My laptop (Linux Mint 19) is set up to connect ...
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