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Possible Duplicate: What are the alternative Android app markets? I've had issues downloading paid applications from the Android Market and it seems I'm not the only one. I've set up my account ...
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Is there a shop like Cydia on iOS for Android? [duplicate]

Most apps in the Google Play store have a free version and a paid version. On iOS there is a shop called Cydia, where you can try out most apps for free before you buy them in the App Store. Is there ...
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Cruz T301: Where Can I Get New Apps? [duplicate]

I carry a Cruz Tablet (T301) with Android 2.2.1. A long time ago, when my tablet used to work remotely fine, I remember having a place to where I could obtain apps, just as long as I had internet. ...
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What are the official APKs sites? [duplicate]

Where can I find the official APKs to download them, in order to install them later on my phone without using my Samsung phone data? Regards.
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How to install the play store applications not available in my country [duplicate]

I am a student reviewing multiple COVID tracing applications deployed in various countries around the world. Although I'm located in the US, I'm also interested in applications that other countries ...
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How can I download an APK file from the Play Store?

I can't download apps from the Play Store on my Android device (maybe due to a network issue), so I'm wondering how could I download the APK file of an app on my PC from
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How safe is it to use Aptoide?

As with the latest update to Google Play one now longer sees the full list of permissions requested by an app on install/update1, I feel my privacy invaded. Even worse, an app could sneak in ...
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Can I install apps on phone without using the Android Market?

I have this Huawei Device that does not come with the Android Market installed. Is there any work-around for this? As in how can I install Android Apps without the Android Market? Is there a way to ...
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How can I get apps from the Amazon app store from an unsupported region?

Currently, the Amazon app store appears to be US-only. Similar to How do I use the US Android Market from Europe?, I want to know: How can I use the US Amazon Appstore? Market Enabler doesn't seem ...
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How to delete an app installed with Amazon Appstore?

I've installed an app using Amazon Appstore, but I don't see a way to uninstall it. Amazon support has failed to respond to my question after 2 days. I prefer a method that does not involve deleting ...
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Are there any specific advantages to using the Amazon Android App Store over the Google Android Market?

Is the new Amazon Android App Store just another marketplace or are there any specific features or benefits that the Google Android Market doesn't have?
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I have Unknown Sources enabled on my phone, now what?

Along the same lines as this question. What's so special about enabling Unknown Sources, and what are some things that I should do once it's enabled?
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Google account without gmail

I have a google account for G+ Picasa and some other services i like to use. What i do not like is gmail it is i believe complete junk. Be it as it may. I have purchased a new android device and ...
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Can Android run .exe file?

I have just downloaded uTorrent on my Galaxy S running Android 2.3. The .exe file has been downloaded and is in the download folder, but when I open the download folder on my SD card and click it, it ...
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Unable to download apps from Play Store using mobile data

I have Mi4i mobile. I am trying to download applications from Google Play Store- when I click on Install it displays "Waiting for WIFI...". I am on mobile data, but it is not downloading through ...
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