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What is actually occupying the internal storage for the apps, and how to get rid of it?

I have a Huawei P8 Lite, but this should not be related to the actual device. For a while, the free space on the internal flash just keeps vanishing without installing any new applications. I am ...
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What is the space distribution for disabled system apps?

My phone is rooted with Magisk. I have a root browser app, allowing me to "sneak peek" into the root directories. I found, for example, that for the Google Drive app, the APK in /system/app is 23MB, ...
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How to investigate what is hogging disk space

Even after cleaning all picture and documents, and most applications, on my tablet using standard Android tools, the internal storage is still reported as full. I now experience similar problems on my ...
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Why no storage error showing with my space empty?

Im having more than 12GB free space And when i try to install app or update app im getting no storage error. I have clear cache also still showing same issue. Any suggestion. Thanks
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How to clear all of this Bloatware that is insidiously being put on my phone? [duplicate]

As is probably a very regular question here, I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo and I'm having problems with the amount of memory being clogged up by what I will assume is garbage. I have installed on my ...
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