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Where do Android apps store data?

Could you list all the possible directories where Android apps may store data? Can you also provide description of the kind of data stored in each directory?
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What can I do to manage my phone's internal storage?

If you're not used to seeing the 'low on internal storage' notification, what is it that you're doing to keep your phone's internal memory from filling up so quickly? The 'SD Card and Phone Storage' ...
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What is /storage/emulated/0/?

Recently, I've figured out that if I delete files from /sdcard/Download it deletes files from /storage/emulated/0/Download. And if I add the files into /sdcard/Download it duplicates them in /storage/...
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How to recover a deleted file from /data partition on a rooted phone?

I factory reset my rooted Android M phone but now I realize that there was a file in the /data directory which I need. Is it possible to create an image (.img or something similar) of the /data ...
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Why is there no option to choose size in TWRP's resize partition feature?

I'm trying to reflash an old Galaxy Note N5100 but I realized that the system partition is too big (~1.5GB). The current ROM uses only about 40% of the partition so I want to shrink it to make space ...
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How to stop apps writing to "Android" folder on the SD card?

I have a (seemingly) simple question to which I haven't found a clear answer to. My phone creates an "Android" folder on my SD card and I'm wondering if it could be moved into the phone's internal ...
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How do I access `$HOME/storage` outside of Termux (with a file explorer)?

How do I access $HOME/storage Termux directory on Android Pie with a GUI File Explorer? In Termux I print the working directory with pwd and it shows $HOME/storage as: /data/data/com.termux/files/...
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My space used and free space doesn't add up

See pic - the numbers don't add up! Screenshot (click for larger variant) This is a 16GB Nexus 7 The listed items only add up to a little over 9GB. So 4GB worth of files are missing. How can I find ...
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Android Phone taking up more space than it should [duplicate]

I have a relatively new HTC ONE M8 running Android 5.0.1 (according to the settings page). The phone is supposed to have 10.5 GB space according to Windows, but at the moment only 945 MB is free (...
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How to see what is stored in System memory area? [duplicate]

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" tablet (Android 4.1.2, not rooted). I tried to install a big app recently and it failed because it said that I didn't have enough space. When I go into Settings > ...
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How do I get rid of "System Data" that takes up half my hard drive? [duplicate]

So since I updated my phone, there seems to be a mysterious 3-4GB of "System Data" on my phone's hard drive that I can't get rid of. Here are some screenshots of this: I have an LG Leon running ...
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What Is Using Up My Storage/Data on Android Phone?

First, I appreciate that there are lots of similar questions to this online, but they are often so specific that I haven't been able to solve this question myself (through online forums/questions/etc)....
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Missing space on internal storage

I have a GT-I9195 running Lollipop 5.1.1 (currently PAC-ROM) which in theory has 8GB of internal memory. However, I can't seem to track down what exactly has happened to all that space. With a paltry ...
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How to free Internal Storage by moving data or using symlink / bind-mount with Adoptable Storage?

Galaxy S5 running LineageOS 16 (Android 9). I'm having issues with running out of storage space, even though I have 128GB external SD card, merged with the internal storage. Is there a way to create ...
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Please explain the android partition structure to me?

I've tried finding the answer myself, but everything that I am able to see seems to miss out the really basic first steps. Here's my logic: FIRST Look at the phone's specification. Lets say Samsung ...
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