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How do certain apps show new notifications when internet access is restricted to them?

I have disabled WhatsApp's access to Internet by disabling both WLAN-usage and mobile network usage. I thought this should block WhatsApp from accessing the internet. But miraculously WhatsApp gives ...
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LineageOS - is it possible to install and run apps without using Gapps or MicroG?

I am trying to work out whether it would be possible to use a custom rom such as LineageOS without flashing Gapps rather than using the LineageOS+MicroG as an option. The basic requirement is to be ...
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Install Google Play Services without Google Play Store

Recently, I rooted my phone for the first time and wanted to get rid of most Google apps including the Play Store. However, after seeing multiple apps didn't work correctly because of a dependency on ...
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Do Firebase analytics work without Gapps?

Out of curiosity, if a user installs Android without Google Apps or APIs and then installs an app that includes Firebase analytics, will the analytics function? Will the app still send something to ...
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How is Google Play services still running after disabling?

A while ago I disabled Google Play services, Google Play Store and lots of other Google apps in my phone. Below is a screenshot. One can see that Google Play services is still having cached ...
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Is there an official source of Google Play Store/Service Framework/GMS? or trustable third-party sources?

I tried to install the three Google apps with the auto-installer I used for my non-rooted Huawei P40 on EMUI 11.0.0 (based on Android 10, I think). Though the installation was successful, there was no ...
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Why do some apps still get push notifications when there's no data? [duplicate]

I have both Facebook and Instagram blocked from using data on my phone (only WiFi), but I still get push notifications from them when not on WiFi. How and why is this happening, and how do I stop it?
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Will play services run on a dual-boot device with 2 roms once I boot into a rom without play services installed?

I have an OnePlus5 device with installed lineageOs. Because of my company's and software development needs I need to run apps that require play services. But I do not want to run all over the time. ...
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Why don't smartphone vendors ship without unnecessary gapps [closed]

I was wondering why smartphone vendors like OnePlus, Samsung etc ship with lot of unnecessary gapps The user should have the independence or liberty to pick them on their own instead of getting forced ...
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Default applications budget phone?

Is there a reason budget phones for android contain so many default applications? Maybe this is required by Google? I find YouTube, play books,play games, etc. to not be needed and redundant when you ...
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What config file specifies which services load on startup? [duplicate]

I'm using ADB and have full access to the filesystem. I run ps and see a process running called com.Something.Service. I can kill the process but it restarts most of the time. It's not a visible app,...
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